CFP: Seventh International Workshop on Persistent Object Systems

Scott Nettles <>
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 05:32:48 GMT

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CFP: Seventh International Workshop on Persistent Object Systems (Scott Nettles) (1995-11-15)
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From: Scott Nettles <>
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Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 05:32:48 GMT

                                                          CALL FOR PAPERS

                  Seventh International Workshop on Persistent Object Systems

                                                Cape May, New Jersey, USA
                                                          May 29-31, 1996


POS focuses on design, implementation and use of persistent object systems, an
increasingly important area of computer science. The six preceding
workshops have given POS the tradition of a workshop where active
researchers discuss up-to-date research issues in an atmosphere of lively
debate, and the collective proceedings are generally regarded as a major
source of research level knowledge about persistent systems.

In May 1996, POS7 will be held in Cape May, New Jersey, USA. Cape May is a
quaint Jersey "shore" town, that should provide a relaxing backdrop for the
workshop. POS7 is being held in conjunction with the celebration of the 50th
anniversary of ENIAC at the University of Pennsylvania. It is timed to be just
after the ACM FRC (PLDI, PODC, ICFP...) in Philadelphia and just before SIGMOD
in Montreal.

The main issue these workshops address is how best to support the
implementation of long-lived, data-intensive, application systems. The
challenges are:

o What languages enable good quality programs to be persistent and interact
    with data over very long periods;
o How to build stores that will hold large numbers of objects reliably for
    very long periods;
o How to provide and support that combined technology efficiently;
o How to design systems that effectively exploit such persistent
technology; and
o How to build, maintain and operate such Persistent Application Systems.

The format of these workshops encourages everyone to participate actively in
discussions. The attendance is limited to 40-50 active researchers. Keynote
discussions have been used to focus the debate onto current research issues.
Pre-printed papers are available to all participants and the
discussion is expected to lead to improvement of the papers and a record of
their interrelationships. The developed papers will probably be published in
the Springer Verlag Workshop Series (this is currently subject to negotiation.)


Cape May is a quaint Victorian resort town on the Jersey shore. The hotel is
directly across from the ocean and just a few minutes walk into the main part
of town, where there are many places to eat and drink. Bird watching is also a
main attraction. We will provide transportation between Philadelphia and Cape
May. For more information try


The workshop will start on the morning of Wednesday 29th May 1996, and will end
on the evening of Friday 31st May. There will be a "pre-POS" get-together in
Philadelphia on Tuesday, and transport will be provided to and from the
location of the workshop, returning on Saturday morning.

These dates have been chosen partly to fit with SIGMOD, which starts on the
following Monday in Montreal. (An easy journey by air from Philadelphia, or a
scenic drive of 1+ days.) POS7 is also immediately after the ACM FRC
mega-conference, in Philadelphia.


Submissions are due January 31, 1996 and notification about acceptance should
occur in late March. Submissions should not exceed 5000 words in length
(roughly 10 double-space pages with figures, using at least 12-point font and
reasonable margins) including an abstract and 5 keywords. Submissions
deviating significantly from these guidelines will not be considered,
independent of technical merit.

Electronic submissions are encouraged in one of a number of different
formats - see the WWW site for details. Authors unable to submit
electronically are invited to send 5 copies of their paper (printed
double-sided, if possible) and a cover letter to one of the program

Scott Nettles Richard Connor
Computer and Information Science Division of Computer Science
University of Pennsylvania University of St Andrews
200 S. 33rd Street North Haugh, St Andrews
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6389 USA Fife KY16 9SS, Scotland, UK

The cover letter or email should include the postal address, e-mail, fax
and telephone numbers for the contact author.


The Program Committee will be chaired by Richard Connor and Scott Nettles and
the local arrangements are by Scott Nettles and Peter Buneman. The program
committee is:

Malcolm Atkinson (U. of Glasgow)
Fred Brown (U. of Adelaide)
Sophie Cluet (INRIA)
Richard Connor (U. of St. Andrews)
Al Dearle (U. of Stirling)
Michael Franklin (U. of Maryland)
Giorgio Ghelli (U. of Pisa)
Bob Grossman (U. of Illinois, Chicago)
Tony Hosking (Purdue)
Frank Kappe (Graz U. of Technology)
Jochen Liedtke (GMD)
Ashok Malhotra (IBM)
Ron Morrison (U. of St. Andrews)
Eliot Moss (U. of Massachusetts)
Scott Nettles (U. of Pennsylvania)
Atsushi Ohori (Kyoto U.)
Jim O'Toole (MIT)
Marc Shapiro (INRIA)
Liuba Shrira (MIT)
Jacob Stein (Sybase)
Paul Wilson (U. of Texas, Austin)
Stan Zdonik (Brown U.)
Ben Zorn (U. of Colorado)

More Information
==== ===========
More information can be obtained from:
or from the program co-chairs:

          Richard Connor ( or
          Scott Nettles (

Critical Dates
======== =====

Papers Submission: January 31, 1996
Final PC decisions: March 31, 1996
Workshop: May 29-31, 1996

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