TurboPascal to C translator

"Pat Terry" <CSPT@giraffe.ru.ac.za>
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 17:08:16 GMT

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TurboPascal to C translator CSPT@giraffe.ru.ac.za (Pat Terry) (1995-11-10)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: "Pat Terry" <CSPT@giraffe.ru.ac.za>
Keywords: C, Pascal, translator
Organization: Rhodes University
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 17:08:16 GMT

In the catalog of free compilers is a reference to a package called
TPTC - a Turbo Pascal to Turbo C compiler. I downloaded this from Simtel,
but the copy is dated about March 1988.

While it does quite well, I suspect there may be a later version that has
added better support for units, sets .... The documentation implies that it
was an ongoing project.

Any pointers to a later version would be welcome, as would any shared
experience, or pointers to other such translators.

The package comes only with a snail-mail address, and a BBS number
+1 602 279 2673. I do not have a modem, and that may also be out of date.

Pat Terry, Computer Science, Rhodes University, GRAHAMSTOWN 6140, RSA
cspt@cs.ru.ac.za or cspt@giraffe.ru.ac.za or pdterry@psg.com
Voice +27-461-318291 or +27-461-318292 FAX +27-461-25049

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