Universal Stub Compiler 2.0 release

Sean O'Malley <sean@cs.arizona.edu>
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 17:39:56 GMT

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Universal Stub Compiler 2.0 release sean@cs.arizona.edu (Sean O'Malley) (1995-11-09)
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From: Sean O'Malley <sean@cs.arizona.edu>
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Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 17:39:56 GMT

Software Release: USC 2.0

The second release of USC (A Universal Stub Compiler) is available
from the University of Arizona Department of Computer Science.

USC 2.0 is a nearly complete re-implementation with some changes
to the syntax of the USC language and the USC and USIT
program interface. USC 2.0 is not backwardly compatible with
the previous version of USC.

USC is a stub compiler that generates stubs that
perform many data conversion operations. USC is flexible
and can be used in situations where previously only manual
code generation was possible. USC generated code is up to
20 times faster than code generated by traditional argument
marshaling schemes such as ASN.1 and Sun XDR.

USIT is a small tool that takes C typedefs and generates those
typedefs with USC annotations for the native byte order
and alignment for the compiler and host architecture
it is run on.

USC 2.0 is not currently as highly optimized as USC 1.0 on the
Alphas. This problem will be fixed in a future release.

For those unfamiliar with USC the best description can be found in
the original SIGCOMM'94 paper. A copy of which can be found on the
web at:


Please note that the USC 2.0 syntax differs from that found in the
paper and anyone seriously attempting to use USC 2.0 should consult
the manual which is contained in the distribution file.

The USC 2.0 source code and manual can be down-loaded from the web


or by anonymous ftp

ftp ftp.cs.arizona.edu
Name: anonymous
Password: [give your e-mail address]
cd /xkernel/usc
get usc2.0.tar.Z

Any USC or USIT bug reports should be sent to usc-bugs@cs.arizona.edu.

There is also a USC mailing list usc-interest@cs.arizona.edu for general
information about USC. If you would to receive more info about USC
ask me (sean@cs.arizona.edu) to put you on the mailing list.

Sean William O'Malley phone: 520 621-3498
Assistant Research Scientist fax: 520 621-4246
Department of Computer Science email: sean@cs.arizona.edu
University of Arizona
PO BOX 210077
Tucson, AZ 85721-0077

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