Compiler positions available for week ending November 12
Sun, 12 Nov 1995 13:00:00 GMT

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Compiler positions available for week ending November 12 (1995-11-12)
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Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 13:00:00 GMT

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Date: 1 Nov 1995 13:54:12 -0500
From: "KJS" <>

  From Karl Skadowski @ Scientific
  Placement, Inc. Box 19949, Houston,
  TX 77224
  713-496-6100 (fax 496-0373)
    INTERNET: kjs@scientific.

We are developing leading edge compiler technology and development tool
products to support our modern high-performance microprocessors. We are
seeking skilled Computer Scientists to help us meet the challenge of
providing the world's best optimizing compilers, assemblers and source
debuggers for a wide range of architectures.

In today's world of RISC, on-chip parallelism, superscalar execution, and
customized instruction sets, development tools such as optimizing compilers
and source-level debuggers are just as important as the processors themselves.
We are finding solutions for these challenges through active research and
hands-on development in several areas of technology, including:

rapidly retargetable compilers
instruction scheduling
register allocation
software pipelining and other loop optimization
interprocedural optimization
rapidly retargetable assemblers
algebraic and other modern assembler paradigms
assembly code compactors
architecture evaluation
real time debug
multiprocessing debug
modern validation strategies
advanced customer support strategies

We are not simply thinking about these topics or conducting experiments, we
are implementing these capabilities and delivering them to thousands of users
who need them. Our customers use our products to develop trend-setting
applications like digital cellular telephones, high quality consumer
electronics, advanced imaging and graphics systems and anti-skid braking
systems to name just a few.

If you want to apply your Computer Science background in a practical
engineering environment, if you like to program in C and you're good at it,
if you want to work on the industry's most advanced compiler and debugger
technology, and you want a relaxed atmosphere that encourages independent
thinking, then this is the job for you. We're looking for these

BS or MS in Computer Science
Knowledge of programming in C and assembly language
Familiarity with UNIX and DOS
Coursework and experience in compiler construction and computer
Familiarity with several development and debug environments
Citizenship/Permanent Residence

Stafford, Texas
We're in high-quality-of-life suburban community, just southwest of Houston,
where you can enjoy the small city atmosphere and all the benefits of big city
cultural events and major league sports, like the World Champion Houston


Date: Tue, 7 Nov 1995 09:16:42 -0800
From: (Patricia Kraus )
Subject: Compiler Positions at Intel in Arizona

15 Compiler Positions Open

Intel's Arizona Compiler Group is looking for compiler, debugger and
assembler/linker engineers to work on programming tools for advanced
embedded RISC processors. The team will work closely with
microprocessor architects to explore new architectures, develop highly
optimizing compilers for commercial microprocessors, and provide
complete program development solutions to customers.

All positions require BS or MS in Computer Science or Engineering with
extensive program development experience using C or C++ in UNIX and
MS-Windows environments. Experience with GNU compiler technology will
be an advantage.

Openings are available in the following areas:

Debugger Engineers
* Implement advanced debuggers for symbolic debug of optimized code.
* Provide processor- specific support for architectural features of new

Assembler/Linker Engineers
* Implement support for new processors
* Investigate and support advanced features of high-level languages
* Perform link-time optimizations

Monitor Engineers
* Develop low-level monitor support for new processors
* Provide interfaces to advanced debuggers

Candidates will have design experience at the OS level or hands-on
experience in embedded-systems development. Knowledge of hardware and
software interfaces with peripheral chips is desirable. Must have
programmed in at least on assembly language.

Compiler Engineers
* Work closely with microprocessor designers to help define new
architectures, evaluate implementation tradeoffs, run simulations and
performance benchmarks
* Implement state-of-the-art compiler optimizations to take advantage
of processor features
* Integrate C and C++ front-ends with optimizing back-ends

Prior experience in front-ends, code generation or code optimization is
necessary. Candidate with strong background in microprocessor
architecture will be preferred.

This position offers an excellent salary, bonus, and relocation

Please respond by emailing an ASCII resume to:


From: (Larry Watts)
Subject: Compiler Developers Needed
Organization: The World, Public Access Internet, Brookline, MA
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 22:46:17 GMT

Multiple Positions for software engineers with compiler experience.
Front-Ends, optimizers, vectorizers, code generation with C, C++ or
Fortran compilers is needed.

Small company close to mountains and ocean, affordable living.
Top pay, great benefits including equity. For more information
email resume to for a rapid reply.


Received-Date: Sat, 11 Nov 1995 10:12:23 -0500
From: (LEGOL)
Date: 11 Nov 1995 10:12:18 -0500
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
Reply-To: (LEGOL)

UNIX and WINDOWS-NT based compiler development. We seek several
software engineers with strong knowledge of C/C++/Assebler.

Call or fax your resume with salary requirement to: 212-629-5720/3374 fax
Att: L.Golod, Director of Recruting - DTG INC.


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