AFGL system available
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 11:00:11 GMT

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AFGL system available (1995-10-31)
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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 11:00:11 GMT


The AGFL-system is a collection of software systems for
Natural Language Processing, based on the AGFL-formalism
(Affix Grammars over Finite Lattices).

The AGFL-system consists of a compiler generating efficient parsers
for ambiguous grammars and a tool for the development and analysis
of grammars.

We are pleased to announce that version 1.5 of the AGFL-system
is now available on the net. The following new features have been
implemented (since v1.4):

* The LEXGEN lexicon system has been integrated with the GEN parser
    generator. Parsers can now use large lexical databases in an
    efficient way.

* It is now possible to specify open classes of words using
    wildcards. You can use this feature for making your grammars robust
    against input containing erroneous fragments.

* You can choose between word parsing and prefix parsing.

* The handling of layout in input sentences has been improved.

* It is possible to have lists of alternative words occur in the
    input on one position.

* It is possible to view the lexical network determined by an input

* Support for non-latin characters has been implemented. It is
    possible to use accents, Greek, Cyrillic and Arabic characters.

* A version for Solaris is available.

We invite you to have a look at our WWW-site:

The AGFL-system is available at our WWW-site or by anynymous ftp at

in the directory


On behalf of the AGFL project group,

Caspar Derksen

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