Thesis "Methods for Handling of Exceptions ..." in Postscript.

"Morten M. Christensen" <>
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 22:28:04 GMT

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Thesis "Methods for Handling of Exceptions ..." in Postscript. (Morten M. Christensen) (1995-10-26)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: "Morten M. Christensen" <>
Keywords: report, comment
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 22:28:04 GMT

A number of persons have mailed by regarding a PostScript version of
my M.Sc. Thesis "Methods for Handling of Exceptions in Object-oriented
Programming Languages".

Please note that at this time, the thesis is ONLY available in Adobe
Acrobat Reader format (.PDF) from my personal World Wide Web controlled
archive located at (A link
to Adobe, from where the free Reader can be downloaded, is present on
the WWW page).

The decision to make the document available in Adobe Acrobat format
and not PostScript format, has partly been made for reasons of read-
ability & easy navigation and partly due to pressing size limitations on
my Internet Provider's Server.

Please note that the Adobe Acrobat version available is much more powerful
then any PostScript version! It includes bookmarks, thumbnails, hotspots
(links) and notes. Also, it possible to search the document for specific
information. All these function are VERY USEFUL when navigation in a large
document! Especially, in this case, as the thesis covers a lot over different
areas associated with exception handling and compiler construction, not
all of which equally interesting for a typical reader.

Finally, please note that although a PostScript version is not directly
available, it IS POSSIBLE to generate one from Adobe Acrobat using its
print-facility! I suggest that the document is browsed first using the Adobe
Acrobat Reader before choosing chapters to print.

Morten M. Christensen
Odense - Denmark
[I guess those of us not using one of the four models of computer for which
Acrobat readers are available are out of luck. -John]

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