Depot4 toolset available
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 08:49:45 GMT

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Depot4 toolset available (1995-09-21)
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Date: Thu, 21 Sep 1995 08:49:45 GMT

Depot4/1.0 J. Lampe 19.9.95

Depot4 is an extensible translator-generator. It is easy to use
without special knowledge from compiler design. Some basic ideas of
formal language theory and familiarity with the EBNF should be
enough. Depot4 is well suited for text to text translation, but one
of its unique features is that it can easily be extended to more
elaborated objects, e.g., styled texts, drawings etc. The current
implementation of Depot4 benefits from the innovative features of the
Oberon System, especially late loading and unloading

The Depot4 meta-language Ml4 allows a translation centred
description, i.e., source and target rules are expressed nearly the
same way. E.g., inverting a list of identifiers looks as follows
(it's working!):

      IdentList = ident ',' IdentList -> IdentList_ ',' ident_.

Just try it. Comments are welcome to

The Depot4 software was developed at TU Dresden, Dept. of
Mathematics/Subd. Scientific Computing. It has been applied in a
number of student projects. The Depot4-software is based on the
ETH-OberonV4 from Zurich, i.e., so the Oberon System is a
prerequesite. Depot4 may also be used with System. A version for
Oberon/F is available on request from the author. Depot4 was
translated and tested successfully with the Ofront Oberon-2 to C
Translator from Software Templ, Linz (A).

Source: available via ftp from


There are some papers concerning Depot4 and its application available on the
same ftp-site in directory pub/reports/wir/Lampe.


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