New HPF Mailing Lists (Chuck Koelbel)
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 18:09:57 GMT

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New HPF Mailing Lists (1995-09-01)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.parallel,comp.lang.misc,comp.lang.fortran
From: (Chuck Koelbel)
Keywords: Fortran
Organization: Rice University
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 18:09:57 GMT

We are pleased to announce a reorganization of the HPFF mailing lists.
Among other things, the new lists use Majordomo to filter out those
annoying "Please unsubscribe me" messages. We've also merged some lists
and deleted some that were inactive. The new HPFF mailing lists are as
follows -

hpff Main HPFF list, including meeting minutes
hpff-core "Core" list, for attendees at the meetings
hpff-interpret Questions and answers about interpretation
                                of the HPF specification
hpff-distribute Discussions of advanced data mapping
                                (e.g. irregular distributions) for HPF 2.0
hpff-task Discussions of task parallelism and paralle
                                input/output for HPF 2.0
hpff-external Discussions of external interfaces
                                (e.g. linking with C++) for HPF 2.0

Welcome messages went out to these lists a few days ago. If you didn't
receive one and thought you were on the HPFF mailing list, it probably
means that we had a bad address for you - you should resubscribe (assuming
you're still interested).

All the lists are unmoderated and open for anyone to subscribe (see below).
In particular, we welcome short announcements on about
new compilers, programming tools, research projects, conferences, and
tutorials relevant to HPF. Please try to keep such messages under 50
lines, however - for example, include the URL for an announcement rather
than the entire text file.

>From now on, the correct procedure for adding yourself to the hpff-xxx
list is to send mail to In the body of the
message (*not the Subject:, as before*), put the line

subscribe <your-mail-address>

<your-mail-address> is optional; it defaults to the message sender. You
should probably only include it if people often have difficulty replying to
your e-mail directly.

Similarly, to remove yourself from the hpff-xxx list, you should send mail
to with the line

unsubscribe <your-mail-address>

in the body. <your-mail-address> is again optional; it is useful here if
your mail address has changed since you joined the list.

There are other tricks you can do with Majordomo lists; send mail to with "help" in the body for a list of commands.

Archives of all mail to the HPFF lists will be available soon. We've just
got to decide which disk they're going to be stored on, how often to update
them, etc. They will be available though the HPFF home page
( as soon as that is worked out.


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