CFC ECOOP '96 (Linz, Austria)

Werner Retschitzegger <>
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 14:07:48 GMT

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CFC ECOOP '96 (Linz, Austria) (Werner Retschitzegger) (1995-08-31)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Werner Retschitzegger <>
Keywords: CFP, OOP, conference
Organization: Dept. of Information Systems
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 14:07:48 GMT

                                  C A L L F O R C O N T R I B U T I O N S


                                                              E C O O P '9 6

                                                  10th European Conference on

                                                  Object-Oriented Programming

                                                                  Linz, Austria

                                                              July 8 - 12, 1996

ECOOP '96 is the Tenth European Conference on Object-Oriented
Programming. The conference aims at bringing together researchers
and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss and exchange
new developments in object-oriented languages, systems and methods.
ECOOP '96 is organized in cooperation with AITO, ACM-SIGPLAN, OCG,
OEGI, GI and SI.

Information about the conference is also available on WWW:


                                                C A L L F O R P A P E R S


Authors are invited to submit either original research contributions,
or experience reports that provide new insight into the use of
object-oriented and related techniques. Suggested topics include, but
are not limited to Languages and their implementations

- Combination of OOP with other language paradigms
- OO databases and object persistence
- Concurrency and distribution
- Multiagent systems
- Theoretical foundations
- Formal methods
- OO analysis, design, and metrics
- Class management and class evolution
- Reuse, components and frameworks
- Applications and experiences
- Teaching OO concepts and methods

Submissions should be written in English, double-spaced and no longer
than 10.000 words (roughly twenty pages). A separate cover sheet must
be included which provides the following information: title, name of
author(s), postal and electronic mail addresses, telephone and fax
numbers, a ten-line abstract and a list of keywords. The Proceedings
will be published by Springer Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer
Science series.

| |
| Deadline for submissions of papers: Dec. 1, 1995 |
| Notification of acceptance: Feb. 15, 1996 |
| Camera-ready copies: April 1, 1996 |

Authors are invited to send 5 copies of their paper to:

              Pierre Cointe
              ECOOP '96 Programme Chair
              Departement d'Informatique
              Ecole des Mines de Nantes,
              4, Rue Alfred Kastler, La Chantrerie
              F-44070 Nantes Cedex 03, France
              Tel: +33-51-85-8200
              Fax: +33-51-85-8249

                                                        T U T O R I A L S

ECOOP has a traditionally strong tutorial programme. For the 10th
ECOOP conference we are again soliciting proposals for high-quality
tutorials in all areas of object-orientation from academic research
to industrial applications. Tutorial levels may be introductory,
intermediate and advanced. Novel topics and topics of broad interest
are preferred. Proposers should request the guidelines for tutorial
submissions from the Tutorial Chair or get them via WWW
( Electronic mail
submissions are preferred.

| |
| Deadline for proposal submissions: Jan. 26, 1996 |
| Notification of acceptance: March 1, 1996 |
| Camera-ready notes: May 10, 1996 |

Proposals should be submitted to:

                Hanspeter Moessenboeck
                ECOOP '96 Tutorial Chair
                Department of System Software
                University of Linz
                Altenbergerstr. 69
                A-4040 Linz, Austria
                Tel: +43-732-2468-7130
                Fax: +43-732-2468-7138

                                                        W O R K S H O P S

ECOOP '96 will host a number of workshops, tentatively scheduled for
one full day, to take place on Monday or Tuesday, July 8/9, 1996.
Workshops should have a clear focus either on a narrow-scope core
issue of object- oriented programming or on object-oriented aspects
of a domain of computer science or its application. Proposals for
ECOOP '96 workshops are preferred in electronic form and must follow
the guidelines to be obtained from the Workshop Chair or via WWW

| |
| Deadline for proposal submissions: Dec. 1, 1995 |
| Notification of acceptance: Dec. 23, 1995 |
| Workshop Call for Papers: Jan. 26, 1996 |

Proposals should be submitted to:

                Max Muehlhaeuser
                ECOOP '96 Workshop Chair
                University of Linz - Telecooperation
                Altenbergerstr. 69
                A-4040 Linz, Austria
                Tel: +43-732-2468-9239
                Fax: +43-732-2468-10

                                                              P A N E L S


Panel sessions addressing important and timely topics in object
orientation will be included in the main conference. They should
present interesting and divergent views with solid practical and/or
theoretical backing. A good panel session can be the highlight of the
official conference programme for many attendees. Proposers should
request the guidelines for panel proposals from the Panel Chair or
get them via WWW (

| |
| Deadline for proposal submissions: Jan. 26, 1996 |
| Notification of acceptance: March 1, 1996 |
| Camera-ready position papers: April 1, 1996 |

Proposals should be submitted to:

                Markku Sakkinen
                ECOOP '96 Panel Chair
                (from Sept.1, 1995 to July, 1996 on leave from
                University of Jyvaeskylae, SF)
                Department of Information Systems
                University of Linz
                Altenbergerstr. 69
                A-4040 Linz, Austria
                Tel: +43-732-2468-880
                Fax: +43-732-2469-9308

                                                          E X H I B I T S

In this, the 10th year of ECOOP, the exhibition not only features the
latest object-oriented technology and trends: By bringing together
companies from the former East European countries and those from the
Western hemisphere the exhibition is designated as forum to get in
touch with each other. Don't miss this opportunity to present your
products to the object-oriented universe. For detailed information

                Wolfgang Pree
                ECOOP '96 Exhibit Chair
                University of Linz - Software Engineering
                Altenbergerstr. 69
                A-4040 Linz, Austria
                Tel: +43-732-2468-9444
                Fax: +43-732-2468-9430

                        D E M O N S T R A T I O N S A N D P O S T E R S


Live demonstrations of the very latest in object-oriented technology
are an exciting part of every ECOOP conference, offering an excellent
venue for discussing technical aspects of object-oriented
applications, tools, and systems. These demonstrations are given by
technical members of their implementation team. Presentations must be
in the form of running computer programs.

Poster sessions are an alternative forum for viewing results of
object- oriented work, with the opportunity for one-on-one
interaction with presenters. Poster themes cover the breadth of
object-oriented technology - from theory to experiences in

Proposals are solicited for both commercial and in-house systems, as
well as academic and corporate research. Demonstrations and posters
will be selected on the basis of technical merit, novelty and
relevance to object-oriented technology. Product marketing or sales
presentations are inappropriate for this forum and will be strictly

Anyone considering submitting a proposal for a demonstration and/or poster
presentation should contact the Demonstration Chair for guidelines.
Electronic mail submissions will be greatly appreciated.

                Wolfgang Pree
                ECOOP '96 Demonstration Chair
                University of Linz - Software Engineering
                Altenbergerstr. 69
                A-4040 Linz, Austria
                Tel: +43-732-2468-9444
                Fax: +43-732-2468-9430

                                        C O N F E R E N C E L O C A T I O N

Linz is located at the Danube, in the heart of Austria right between
Vienna and Salzburg. Linz is surrounded by the gentle hills of the
Bohemian landscape to the north, and by the starting Alps to the
west. The famous Salzkammergut with its lakes and hills is starting
to the west of Linz. Linz has around 200.000 residents, and it is
famous not only but also for its Linzer Torte, Mozart's Linzer
Symphony, for the composer Anton Bruckner and for the astronomer
Johannes Kepler.

Linz has an own airport with direct flights to most cities in Germany
and Switzerland, and connections to all destinations worldwide with
stopover in Vienna. Connections to Vienna are 2 hrs by train/car and
to Salzburg 1 hour by train/car. Trains to Vienna/Salzburg run at
least on an hourly schedule during the whole day until late in the
evening. The conference will take place at the campus of the Johannes
Kepler University of Linz.

                                      F U R T H E R I N F O R M A T I O N


Direct all specific correspondence to the appropriate chairs. General
information on ECOOP '96 and questions about the conference and its
organization may be obtained via WWW
( or should be sent to:

                Gerti Kappel
                ECOOP '96 Organizing Chair
                Department of Information Systems
                University of Linz
                Altenbergerstr. 69
                A-4040 Linz, Austria
                Tel: +43-732-2468-880
                Fax: +43-732-2468-9308

                                      E X E C U T I V E C O M M I T T E E

Conference Co-Chairs: Oscar Nierstrasz (University of Berne, CH)
                                              Peter Wegner (Brown University, USA)

Programme Chair: Pierre Cointe (Ecole des Mines de Nantes, F)

Organizing Chair: Gerti Kappel (University of Linz, A)

                                          P R O G R A M C O M M I T T E E


Mehmet Aksit (University of Twente, NL)
Giuseppe Attardi (University of Pisa, I)
Francois Bancilhon (O2 Technology, F)
Yves Caseau (Bouygues, F)
Pierre Cointe (Ecole des Mines de Nantes, F; Chair)
Theo D'Hondt (Brussels Free University, B)
Erich Gamma (Taligent, USA)
Rachid Guerraoui (Ecole Poly. Federale de Lausanne, CH)
Ivar Jacobson (Objectory AB, S)
Mehdi Jazayeri (Technical University of Vienna, A)
Gregor Kiczales (Xerox Parc, USA)
Karl Lieberherr (Northeastern University, USA)
Ole Lehrmann Madsen (Aarhus University, DK)
Tom Maibaum (Imperial College, UK)
Boris Magnusson (Lund University, S)
Jacques Malenfant (University of Montreal, CDN)
Bertrand Meyer (ISE, USA+F)
Jose Meseguer (SRI, USA)
Max Muehlhaeuser (University of Linz, A)
Walter Olthoff (DFKI GmbH, D)
Mary E.S. Loomis (HP-Labs, USA)
Jens Palsberg (MIT, USA)
Markku Sakkinen (University of Jyvaeskylae, SF)
Dave Thomas (OTI Inc, CDN)
Mario Tokoro (Keio U/ Sony CSL, J)
Akinori Yonezawa (Tokyo University, J)
Roberto Zicari (J.W.Goethe-University, D)

                                    O R G A N I Z I N G C O M M I T T E E

(all University of Linz, Austria)

Heribert Blach
Gerti Kappel
Hans-Peter Moessenboeck
Max Muehlhaeuser
Gustav Pomberger
Wolfgang Pree
Werner Retschitzegger
Markku Sakkinen
Michael Schrefl

Conference Secretary: Gabriela Wagner


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