Anyone got an LALR(2) parser-generator ? (John H. Lindsay)
Fri, 25 Aug 1995 20:23:15 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (John H. Lindsay)
Keywords: parse, tools, question
Organization: Royal Military College
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 20:23:15 GMT

I'm working with a language definition that needs an LALR(2)
parser-generator for a couple of good reasons; does anyone have
one or know where I can get one ?

Assuming that this will raise a chorus of "NO's", I'll then put
this forward: if I have to create one, what would be a good
starting point ? I'm considering stripping the central works out
of either BSD YACC or Allen Holub's Occs, and using the service
routines and overall organization. I can keep my eyes on
DeRemer's LALR(2) parser-generator for I.B.M. mainframes. I
know -- there's supposed to be a bug in it, but I didn't run into
it when I was using it a few years ago; anyhow, I'd keep my eyes

BTW, what's the current state of Holub's Occs ? The stuff that I
got from him has files dated in 1991.

All the best !

John H. Lindsay,
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,
Royal Military College of Canada, (**)
Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7K 5L0.

Internet: Lindsay_J@RMC.CA

Phone: (613) 541-6000 Extension 6419
Fax: (613) 542-8129

(**) Royal Military College is both a degree-granting university
and the military college for Canada's Armed Forces (our Army,
Navy and Air Force are all parts of just one organization which
is VERY frequently called on for U.N. peacekeeping service).
R.M.C. is small; we only had 750 undergraduates until just
recently, have about 1200 for 1995-96 and will have about 900 in
the future due to Canada having seriously downsized the military
and closed our other two Military Colleges, Royal Roads Military
College in Victoria, British Columbia, and College Militaire
Royal in Saint-Jean, Quebec (We'll miss them!). The students
and a few staff were transferred here. We have about 200
graduate students and we have programmes in Engineering, Arts,
and the hard Sciences, each in both English and French (just
over 1/3 of Canada speaks French). In spite of R.M.C.'s size,
we seem to produce a Rhodes Scholar every 2 or 3 years.


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