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Gert Goossens <>
Thu, 3 Aug 1995 12:23:08 GMT

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New book on code generation (Gert Goossens) (1995-08-03)
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From: Gert Goossens <>
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Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995 12:23:08 GMT

The following new book may be of interest to comp.compilers readers :

      Edited by : Peter Marwedel and Gert Goossens

      Publisher : Kluwer Academic Publishers
      ISBN : 0-7923-9577-8
      Pages : 298
      List price : $97.50


Embedded processors are increasingly being used in the design of
electronic systems, in particular in competitive markets like
telecommunications, multi-media and automotive industry. The
architecture and instruction set of these processors is often tuned to
the application domain, in order to meet stringent constraints on
system performance and power dissipation. In many cases they can be
integrated as an on-chip core component.

Embedded processors introduce modularity, flexibility and re-use in
the electronic system design process. However, their success will
critically depend on the availability of efficient and reliable tools
to design, programme and verify the functionality of the processors.

Recently, new research efforts emerged on the edge between software
compilation and hardware synthesis, to develop high-quality code
generation tools for embedded processors. This book provides a survey
of these new developments. Although not limited to these targets, the
main emphasis is on code generation for modern DSP processors.
Important themes covered by the book include : the scope of general
purpose versus application-specific processors, machine code quality
for embedded applications, retargetability of the code generation
process, machine description formalisms, and code generation

Table of contents

Part I : Requirements

1. Code generation for embedded processors : an introduction
        P. Marwedel

2. Retargetable code generation : key issues for successful
        P. Vanoostende, E. Van Zieleghem, E. Rousseau, C. Massy, F. Gerard

3. Challenges in code generation for embedded processors
        G. Araujo, S. Devadas, K. Keutzer, S. Liao, S. Malik,
        A. Sudarsanam, S. Tjiang, A. Wang

Part II : Retargetable Code Generation Systems

4. FlexWare : a flexible firmware development environment for
        embedded systems
        P. Paulin, C. Liem, T. May, S. Sutarwala

5. Chess : retargetable code generation for embedded DSP processors
        D. Lanneer, J. Van Praet, A. Kifli, K. Schoofs, W. Geurts,
        F. Thoen, G. Goossens

6. An ILP-based approach to code generation
        T. Wilson, G. Grewal, S. Henshall, D. Banerji

7. Retargetable code generation for parallel, pipelined processor
        W. Schenk

Part III : Machine Description Models and Formal Methods

8. Beyond tool-specific machine descriptions
        A. Fauth

9. On transforming code generation to a language parsing problem
        F. Mavaddat

10. Local microcode generation in system design
        M. Langevin, E. Cerny, J. Wilberg, H-T. Vierhaus

11. Code generation based on Trellis diagrams
        B. Wess

12. A unified code generation approach using mutation scheduling
        S. Novack, A. Nicolau, N. Dutt

Part IV: Special Applications and Future Directions

13. Retargetable compilation of self-test programs using constraint
        logic programming
        U. Bieker

14. Code generation for transport triggered architectures
        H. Corporaal, J. Hoogerbrugge

15. Software synthesis for real-time information processing systems
        M. Cornero, F. Thoen, G. Goossens, F. Curatelli


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