ANNOUNCE: Opal Compilation System 2.1e, Patchlevel 1 (Wolfgang Grieskamp)
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 17:54:07 GMT

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ANNOUNCE: Opal Compilation System 2.1e, Patchlevel 1 (1995-08-01)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.functional
From: (Wolfgang Grieskamp)
Followup-To: comp.lang.functional
Keywords: functional, tools, available
Organization: Technical University of Berlin
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 1995 17:54:07 GMT

The OPAL group, Berlin, proudly presents the OPAL compilation system
OCS version 2.1e from the 1st of July, patchlevel 1 from the 1st of

OPAL is a pure functional language with eager evaluation, which we see
in the tradition of functional languages such as HOPE or ML and of
algebraic languages such as CIP-L, OBJ and others. For further details
see, or just start
with the home page of the OPAL project,

The compilation system OCS is an implementation of OPAL intended for
the production of "real", large-scale software systems. It consists of
the basic compiler, which produces rather efficient code (and has been
ranked among the top systems in the pseudoknot-benchmark w.r.t. the
execution time and memory usage of the generated code), a
comprehensive library of reusable software components and a set of
maintenance tools. See for further details
about OCS and how to obtain it, or ftp to,
directory pub/local/uebb/ocs.

The important new features of OCS 2.1e are:

    * Reactive programming on the base of so-called agents, which
        concurrently execute a monadic command and synchronize via
        so called service-access-points in a client/server fashion.

    * TkOpal, a (yet prototypical) GUI library implemented on top of Tcl/Tk.
        TkOpal uses agent communication instead of callbacks to
        tackle with the reactive nature of GUIs. The functionality of
        TkOpal is not yet complete but can be easily extended,
        since full access to Tcl/Tk is supported by providing Tcl
        interpreters as first-class objects in OPAL.

    * DOSFOP, a literate programming system for OPAL. DOSFOP lets you
        document programs by so-called documentaries, which are an
        extension of comments, and automatically generates
        texinfo from the sources, augmented by information derived
        by the context analysis of the OPAL compiler. The texinfo can
        be further transformed to dvi, info or html.

    * Configuration of the system is now based on GNU autoconf.

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The Opal Group, Technical University of Berlin,

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