Commercial compiler tools[Long]
Sat, 29 Jul 1995 03:19:32 GMT

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Commercial compiler tools[Long] (1995-07-29)
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Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 03:19:32 GMT

On April 17, 1995, I wrote:

>If you make or sell a commercial compiler tool, send me ASCII
>information about it and I will include the information in a list to
>be posted here by about August 1, 1995.

Here is the summary of replies. At this time I do not have time to
keep this list up-to-date, and am not planning to.

The format: Entries are demarcated by a line beginning with three
@s. Each entry has three fields, indicated by <beginning of
line>{Company|Contact|Info}: . The contact information is the name of
the person who sent me the original information or the name of the
person given as the contact in that information. There may be errors
or typos in my transcription of these, otherwise I made little or no
editorial changes to what was sent.

Entries are in the order in which I received the information.

Apologies for errors or omissions---I've been switching servers and it would
not surprise me if some stuff got lost or mangled.

Company: Edison Design Group
Company: RG Consulting
Company: MetaWare
Company: SoftLab
Company: SandStone Technology
Company: Compiler Resources, Inc.
Company: [Aston?]
Company: CoCoLab.

Lewis Stiller, 2020 Bancroft Way #232, Berkeley, CA 94704
510-848-3731 / 510-848-4341 (Fax).
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