Wanted: Info about Numeric C papers

jayen@india.hp.com (G.Jayendran)
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 10:20:56 GMT

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Wanted: Info about Numeric C papers jayen@india.hp.com (1995-07-19)
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From: jayen@india.hp.com (G.Jayendran)
Keywords: C, arithmetic, question, comment
Organization: Hewlett Packard
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 1995 10:20:56 GMT

I would like to know whether any of the following papers related to the
work done by the Numeric C Extensions Group are available online.

                Kuo-Cheng Li and Herb Schwetman,
                "Vector C - A Vector Processing Language",
                Department of Computer Science, Purdue University (NCEG 89-017).

                Arthur Sorkin and Peter Donovan,
                "IBM Proposal for Vector Extensions to the C Language",
                IBM Scientific Center (NCEG 89-022)

                David Knaak and Tom Macdonald,
                "Complex Extensions to C",
                Cray Research Inc. (NCEG 89-026).

                Rex Jaeschke,
                "Numerical C Extensions Group Status",
                The Journal of C Language Translation, Vol. 1 No. 1, June 1989.

                Jim Thomas,
                "Numerical C Extensions, IEEE Standard Floating Point",
                Apple Computer Inc. (NCEG 89-029).

                W. Kahan,
                "Exception Handling",
                Department of Mathematics,
                Univ. of California at Berkeley (NCEG 89-007).

                Bill Homer,
                "Restricted Pointers in C",
                Cray Research Inc. (NCEG 89-027).

                W.T. Vetterling,
                "Matrix Library",
                Polaroid Inc. (NCEG 89-025).

                Tom Macdonald,
                "Adding Complex Arithmetic to C",
                Cray Research Inc., (NCEG 89-002).


[I once was prepared to reprint the NCEG papers for the benefit of non-members
of NCEG, and ANSI said I couldn't. If you want back issues of the JCLT, you
order them from me. (They're not free.) -John]

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