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gbaker@rp.CSIRO.AU (Greg Baker)
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 14:44:02 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme,comp.compilers
From: gbaker@rp.CSIRO.AU (Greg Baker)
Followup-To: comp.lang.scheme,comp.compilers
Keywords: GCC
Organization: CSIRO Division of Radiophysics/Australia Telescope National Facility
References: 95-06-013
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 14:44:02 GMT
Status: RO

Kurt Stephens ( wrote:
: I would like to see GCC packaged as a linkable library (or a server) so we
: can call a function (imagine some thing like "void* GCC_compile(RTL
: expression)") with a RTL tree and have it return a function pointer!

That _would_ be handy!

: Has any one designed an embeddable, portable, retargetable "compiler"
: library?

Sort of. Dr Ousterhout has (mentioned that he is currently / promised that he
will be / been accused of) writing an on-the-fly TCL compiler. The
only difference to a traditional TCL interpreter is that the "proc"
command would compile its arguments into local-native code.
Amazingly, that's all that's necessary.


            Gregory D. Baker ( CSIRO Radiophysics

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