1st CFP Symp. Functional Programming Languages in Education (FPLE 95)

pieter@fwi.uva.nl (Pieter H. Hartel)
Mon, 20 Mar 1995 19:35:49 GMT

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1st CFP Symp. Functional Programming Languages in Education (FPLE 95) pieter@fwi.uva.nl (1995-03-20)
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From: pieter@fwi.uva.nl (Pieter H. Hartel)
Keywords: functional, CFP, conference
Organization: FWI, University of Amsterdam
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 19:35:49 GMT

                                                    Call for Papers


                            Symposium on Functional Programming Languages
                                                      in Education

                                                December 03-06, 1995
                                                      Moscow, Russia

                                  the symposium is being organized
                                  in cooperation with IFIP WG 2.8

The symposium will emphasize current state of the art in teaching
computer science and related topics using Functional Programming
Languages. Functional languages are to be understood in a broad
sense, including lazy functional languages, strict functional
languages, languages with a powerful functional subset (e.g.
Scheme) and purely algebraic specification methods.

Topics include experience in teaching a functional programming
language as a first programming language and its consequences
for other courses; explore the place of the Functional
Programming paradigm in the curricula in computing at the BS, MS
and PhD levels. The symposium will be particularly interested in
discussing experiences of using functional languages or
functional formalisms in teaching of other computer science
topics. For example, functional languages have been used to

* compiler construction
* computer architecture
* concurrent programming
* language concepts
* operational research
* mathematics
* physics
* semantics
* solid modeling

The symposium will be held in Moscow, 03-06 December 1995. The
symposium is hosted by the Institute for Systems Programming,
Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Chair of the symposium is Professor Victor Ivannikov,
corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Director of the Institute for Systems Programming.

Programme Committee:

  Sergei Abramov, Moscow University, Russia
  Hugh Glaser, University of Southampton, UK
  Pieter Hartel, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  Paul Hudak, Yale University, USA
  John Hughes, Chalmers University, Sweden
  Herbert Kuchen, University of Aachen, Germany
  Peter Lee, Carnegie-Melon University, USA
  Daniel Le Metayer, Rennes, France
  Alexander Ljubimski, Institute for Applied Mathematics, Russia
  John O'Donnell, University of Glasgow, UK
  Rinus Plasmeijer, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Program Chair:

  Victor Ivannikov, Institute for Systems Programming, Russia

Organization Committee

  Grigorij Amirdjanov
  Pieter Hartel
  Nikolai Mansurov
  Rinus Plasmeijer

Papers accepted for the symposium must contain material not
presented previously in any formal forum.

Submissions will be judged on relevance, originality,
significance, correctness, and clarity. Each paper should
explain its contribution in both general and technical terms,
identifying what has been accomplished, saying why it is
significant, and comparing it with previous work. Authors should
make every effort to make the technical content of their papers
understandable to a broad audience.

Accepted papers will appear in a technical report to be
distributed at the symposium. It is intended to publish the
proceedings in the Springer LNCS series. Authors of accepted
papers will be expected to sign a copyright release form.

Both electronic and postal submissions will be accepted.
Authors should submit the full paper (up to 10 pages, typeset
10-point on 16-point spacing in two-column conference style
format, double-sided if possible).

Each submission (postal or electronic) should be accompanied by
electronic mail to greentech@glas.apc.org, with a single postal
address and electronic mail address for communication, complete
title, author and affiliation information, and an ABSTRACT of
the paper. This email should be send in plain ascii form.

Electronic submissions could be send as either
          1) compressed uuencoded postscript file, or
          2) LaTeX file
to greentech@glas.apc.org Please DO NOT send plain postscript
files to avoid any problems with mailers.

As an alternative to electronic submission 12 copies of the full
paper should be posted to:

          Dr. Pieter Hartel
          Faculty of Mathematics & Computer Science
          University of Amsterdam
          Kruislaan 403
          NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam
          The Netherlands

Important dates:

The deadline for submitting papers is June 30, 1995. Authors
will be notified of acceptance of their paper by August 30,
1995. Camera-ready versions of accepted papers are due on
September 30, 1995.

Correspondence should be sent to:

Dr. Pieter Hartel
Faculty of Mathematics & Computer Science
University of Amsterdam
Kruislaan 403
NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

E-mail: pieter@fwi.uva.nl

or to:

Dr. Nikolai Mansurov
Institute for Systems Programming
Russian Academy of Science
25 Bolshaya Communisticheskaja
Moscow, Russia

E-mail: greentech@glas.apc.org

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