ANDF as a basis for simulation

ralw <>
Tue, 7 Mar 1995 14:07:00 GMT

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ANDF as a basis for simulation (ralw) (1995-03-07)
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From: ralw <>
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Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 1995 14:07:00 GMT


I'm looking at options for a research programme in distributed
operating system design for real-time reconfigurable systems.

We've got to a stage now where we've got a pretty good handle
on the top level architecture we want to use and we want to
prototype some ideas and try them out.

One of the suggestions we're considering is to compile our prototype
code down to something like ANDF and then simulate at this level.
This will allow us to effectively draw the 'machine interface
boundary' at any level in the system we like.

So, does anyone know of a PD interpreter for ANDF, or any similar
intermediate code. Also, what about compilers? I have a vague
recollection of someone mentioning an ANDF back end to GCC. Can
anyone give me a pointer to this?

Failing an 'off-the-net' solution, where can I go to get the
spec for ANDF?


Bill Williams
[See the announcement from OSF on ANDF tools to be posted here shortly. -John]

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