CFP: TPA (TAPSOFT'95 satellite - reminder) (Denmark, 5/95) (Hanne Riis Nielson)
Thu, 23 Feb 1995 07:41:28 GMT

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CFP: TPA (TAPSOFT'95 satellite - reminder) (Denmark, 5/95) (1995-02-23)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Hanne Riis Nielson)
Keywords: CFP, conference, analysis
Organization: DAIMI, Computer Science Dept. at Aarhus University
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 07:41:28 GMT

                                        C A L L F O R P A P E R S

                                                          WORKSHOP ON
                                            TYPES FOR PROGRAM ANALYSIS

                                        University of Aarhus, Denmark
                                                      MAY 26-27, 1995

This workshop is organized as a satellite activity of the TAPSOFT'95
conference, May 22--26, University of Aarhus. The meeting starts
Friday, May 26th at 2:00 p.m., and ends no later than May 27th at 12:00

Recent years have shown the advent of various analysis techniques based
on logical inference systems, in particular variations of type
systems. Proponents of the method claim that the analyses are easier
to specify, achieve a cleaner separation between specification and
implementation, and that it is easier to formulate fragments with a
tractable efficiency.

The topics of the workshop include (but are not limited to):

      - specification of specific analyses for programming languages
      - the role of effects, polymorphism, conjunction/disjunction types,
dependent types etc. in specification of analyses
      - algorithmic tools and methods for solving general classes of
                type-based analyses
      - the role of unification, semi-unification etc. in implementations
of analyses
      - proof techniques for establishing the safety of analyses
      - relationship to other approaches to program analysis, including
abstract interpretation and constraint-based methods
      - exploitation of analysis results in program optimization and

Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract not exceeding ten
pages (excluding references and appendices) by March 1, 1995; properly
announced (see below) electronic submissions may be a few days late.

Please remember to incorporate an abstract, your address, e-mail
address, and telephone and fax numbers on the front page.

Authors will be notified of acceptance by April 10, 1995. The final
version of papers are due May 1, 1995, and will be allowed 15 pages.
The "proceedings" will be published as a technical report from Aarhus
University; this does not prevent essentially the same papers to be
submitted for publication elsewhere (but we do not want to accept
papers already accepted elsewhere).

Electronic submission is encouraged via e-mail (and you may even be
able to bargain for a few additional days for mailing the submission).
The submission should be sent to either in
Postscript or as a self-contained TeX or LaTeX file.

Alternatively, submissions may be sent by ordinary mail (six copies
required) to:

Hanne Riis Nielson
Computer Science Department
Aarhus University, Bldg. 540
Ny Munkegade
DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Further information about the workshop is available from

Organization Committee:

Hanne Riis Nielson Kirsten Lackner Solberg
Computer Science Department Computer Science Department
Aarhus University Aarhus University
Denmark Denmark

Programme Committee:

Flemming Nielson David Wright
Computer Science Department Department of Computer Science
Aarhus University University of Tasmania
Denmark Australia

Daniel Le Metayer Fritz Henglein
Irisa/Inria DIKU
Rennes Copenhagen University
France Denmark

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