Journal of C Language Translation, Dec 94 (John Levine)
Tue, 21 Feb 1995 05:34:24 GMT

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Journal of C Language Translation, Dec 94 (1995-02-21)
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From: (John Levine)
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Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 05:34:24 GMT

The rather tardy December issue of the Journal of C Language Translation,
which I edit and publish in my spare time when I'm not doing
comp.compilers, is finally in the mail. The JCLT addresses topics of
interest to C and C++ compiler designers and writers, library writers, and
other producers of C tools. The JCLT is printed on old-fashioned paper
and costs money; for subscription info send a note to

We're always looking for people to write articles, and have even been
known to pay small amounts of money. You can FTP author guidelines from, or send me mail.

Table of Contents for the December issue, Volume 6, Number 2:

8. What's in a Byte? --- P.J. Plauger

How C and C++ store scalar data

9. Standardizing C++: 1994 Part 2 --- John Micco

WG21+X3J16 continues to evolve the C++ language specification

10. C Standards Update --- Douglas A. Gwyn

Gwyn discusses recent progress on changes to the C Standard

11. NCEG Progress Report --- Linda Stanberry

NCEG works on their technical report and C9X

12. Management of Class Temporaries in C++ Translation Systems --- Kent G.
Budge, James S. Peery, Allen C. Robinson, and Michael K. Wong

The performance of C++ programs that use value classes currently leaves a
lot to be desired.

13. Why Compare} Dropped C++ --- T.B. Dinesh

A cautionary tale of C++

14. Miscellanea --- John Levine

The usual calendar of events, news, products, and services

John Levine,

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