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Mon, 20 Feb 1995 17:39:22 GMT

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Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 17:39:22 GMT

Hello. Could anyone point me to work done on locating (and presenting)
syntax errors? I'm designing a system for engineers to enter requirement
statements in a controlled natural language, but want some sort of way of
informing them when they deviate from the syntax. This problem must be
similar to what a compiler writer faces when saying that an expression is
badly formed. I know that the information available to the system about
the error depends upon the actual parser used (eg. LR = correct prefix
property and so will stop straight away; a chart parser will give all
possible substrings) and suspect that there might be a link between what
should be presented and the choice of parser.

thanks -if there is sufficent interest I'll summarise.

[There used to be a fair amount of work on syntax directed editors that knew
the syntax of the language and wouldn't let you write a syntactically invalid
program. I found them extremely annoying because the way you write stuff

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