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Wed, 8 Feb 1995 17:43:42 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Frank Mueller)
Keywords: architecture, testing
Organization: Florida State University Computer Science
References: 95-02-068 95-02-081
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 17:43:42 GMT

Rikus Combrinck ( wrote:
: I'm looking for software that can determine the dynamic
: instructions mix of a programme, ...
: [Somewhere I was a paper about a system that does this by instrumenting
: basic blocks so it makes one count per block rather than per instruction,
: then post-proccesses to get the instruction counts. -John]

>, (Mark K. Gardner) writes:
|> I seem to remember that the folks at University of Wisconsin - Madison
|> had a system to instrument basic blocks (as John pointed out). Their
|> purpose was to generate memory reference traces, so it may not do exactly
|> what you had in mind. But then again, maybe it could be extended.

Check out the following references:

                author = "T. Ball and J. R. Larus",
                title = "Optimally Profiling and Tracing Programs",
                booktitle = POPL,
                year = "1992",
                month = jan,
                pages = "59-70"
also published in extended format and detail in ACM TOPLAS last year. Shows that
a subset of basic blocks is sufficient for profiling / tracing. They also have a
tool describe in the following reference, I believe:
                author = "J. R. Larus",
                title = "Efficient Program Tracing",
                journal = "IEEE Computer",
                volume = 26,
                number = 5,
                year = "1993",
                month = may,
                pages = "52-61"

                author = "J. W. Davidson and D. B. Whalley",
                title = "Ease: An Environment for Architecture Study and
                booktitle = SIGMETRICS,
                year = "1990",
                month = may,
                pages = "259-260"
Describes how to integrate basic block profiling with a compiler back-end.

                author = "F. Mueller and D. B. Whalley",
                title = "Efficient On-the-fly Analysis of Program Behavior
                                  and Static Cache Simulation",
                booktitle = "Static Analysis Symposium",
                series = LNCS,
                volume = 864,
                publisher = "Springer",
                editor = "B. Le Charlier",
                year = "1994",
                month = sep,
                pages = "101-115"
Describes how instrumentation can be reduced for order-dependent on-the-fly-
analysis, e.g. for caching. (ftp via my WWW page for publications, see below.)

Hope this help,

Frank Mueller E-Mail: WWW:

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