Techreport: CuPit compiler for MasPar (literate programming document) (Lutz Prechelt)
Mon, 30 Jan 1995 19:00:59 GMT

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Techreport: CuPit compiler for MasPar (literate programming document) (1995-01-30)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Lutz Prechelt)
Keywords: report, FTP, parallel
Organization: University of Karlsruhe, FRG
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 19:00:59 GMT

The technical report

    The CuPit Compiler for the MasPar MP-1 and MP-2 --
    A Literate Programming Document

is now available for anonymous ftp
in directory /pub/papers/techreports/1995
as file (600 KB, 353 pages).

[For printing I reccommend converting the file to 2-up format (use a
  utility such as psnup or so). The Postscript is very clean, so this should
  not be a problem.]

Here is the abstract:

      This document contains the complete source code of the CuPit
      compiler for the MasPar MP-1/MP-2 SIMD parallel machines. The compiler
      is presented as a FunnelWeb literate programming document that
      contains definitions for the various specification files needed by
      the Eli compiler construction system. The exactly same set of files
      that enabled FunnelWeb to produce this document
      also enable Eli to produce the complete executable compiler, run time
      system, and standard library. In this document the source code is
      complemented by interspersed documentation text and several
      larger introduction text blocks and appendices, in particular a description
      of all errors found in the compiler during its development and use.
      The compiler takes CuPit source code as input and produces MPL
      source code as output. CuPit is a special purpose language for
      neural network algorithms which dynamically change the topology of the
      neural network.
      The compiler is designed to optimize the irregular problems that arise
      when executing such algorithms for both data locality and load balancing.
      The compiler can produce several different
      versions of code: (1) a plain do-as-good-as-you-can-without-any-tricks
      one (unoptimized), (2) one that uses a better data distribution
      (statically optimized), (3) one that contains additional instructions to
      collect information about program behavior at run time, also known as
      the \Def{rti version}\index{rti version|Def}, meaning ``run time
      information version'' (dynamically optimized).

And here is a bibtex entry for the report:

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      title = {The {CuPit} Compiler for the {MasPar} ---
                                A Literate Programming Document},
      institution = {Fakult\"at f\"ur Informatik, Universit\"at Karlsruhe},
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