Re: Arabic programming language?

"Emmett G. Hayes" <>
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 19:07:51 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: "Emmett G. Hayes" <>
Keywords: i18n
Organization: a2i network
References: 95-01-095
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 19:07:51 GMT

: Hi guys;

: Does anybody know an Arabic programming language such as Arabized
: Pascal or Arabized C, etc.?

I think that what you want is a preprocessor that takes the Arabic code
page and Arabic keywords and translates them into whatever your compiler
supports. IBM Egypt had (or used to have) preprocessors for PL/I and
COBOL. Some Arab University may well have written one for C.

Also, an Arab university may have written a parser, so that you can not
only use Arabic keywords but also an Arabic syntax. I haven't heard of
this for Arabic, but I've seen examples of French syntax parsers (I just
don't remember any details).

I suggest you use "finger" to locate someone at an Arab university
computer science department.

Emmett G. Hayes <>

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