Compiler positions available for week ending January 22
Sun, 22 Jan 1995 13:00:00 GMT

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Compiler positions available for week ending January 22 (1995-01-22)
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Date: Sun, 22 Jan 1995 13:00:00 GMT

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From: beer@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU (Joachim Beer)
Subject: summer internships through ICSI
Organization: International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, CA, U.S.A.
Distribution: usa

The International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) is soliciting
applications for their student summer internship program in Europe.
The program is open to advanced graduate students in computer
science at American universities.

Applicants don't need to be U.S. citizens OR permanent residents of the
U.S. to be eligible for the program. The selection process is soley based
on merit and works roughly as follows: an application is submitted to ICSI
where an initial selection takes place. ICSI does not have special
application forms for the summer internship program. A cover letter
stating the applicants intentions, transcripts, and one or two letters of
recommendation is sufficient. It would also be very helpful if the
applicant could provide a short proposal stating what he/she is interested
in and the particular fields he/she would want to work in. The selected
applications will be forwarded to those participating research labs that
best match the applicants scientific interest and background. Depending
on the applicants interest, background, and research proposal her/his
application might be send to several of the research labs. It is the
research labs that make the final decision.

Current sponsor nations are Germany, Italy and Switzerland. ICSI is *not*
able to support or process applications for internships in non-sponsor

Graduate students which have been invited by research labs in ICSI sponsor
nations due to their own initiative or existing collaborations can apply
for travel grants. However, ICSI will not be able to provide financial
support beyond travel grants.

Financial support provided by the hosting research lab is approximately
$1800 per month for 3 month while ICSI provides travel grants up to $1500.

Submit applications including at least one letter of recommendation,
a list of completed course work, and a statement of intent to:

International Computer Science Institute
-Summer Internship Program
1947 Center Street, Suite 600
Berkley, CA 94704

* *
* DEADLINE March 1, 1995 *
* *

Note: ICSI is only a clearinghouse for summer internship applications.
ICSI is not able to answer question concerning specific research
activities within participating research labs. In the past summer interns
have been working in such areas as computer vision, expert systems,
knowledge representation, natural language processing, software
engineering, software tool development, etc..


Organization: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.
Sunnyvale R&D Lab
Sunnyvale, California, USA
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 95 14:36:47 PST
From: (Chia-Hon Chien)
Subject: An Opening for Compiler Engineer at MERL (Sunnyvale, CA)

** Compiler Engineer **

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, located in Sunnyvale,
California, has an immediate opening in the Compiler Team. We are
looking for individuals with post-graduate training and industrial
experience in the compiler area to perform research, development,
and further enhancements of the current code generator we have for
an ANSI-C compiler.

Immediate responsibilities will include enhancements of an existing
code generator and retargeting the code generator to a new
microprocessor. Future assignments will include research and
development in code generation for SIMD and/or DSP machine and
interactions with computer architectects inside Mitsubishi to
provide suggestions on future directions on microprocessor and
microcontroller designs from a software pespective.

Our current mission is targeted to ANSI-C and the embedded
applications market. We are a small, diversified and dynamic
group of under ten members, each with their own valuable
skill and perspective. We are in the process of evolving beyond
our initial orientation; future languages and directions are being
examined right now. Come join us and help define both your direction
and our future, and help establish us as a first class R&D lab!

We are looking for a highly-motivated and creative individual who
adheres to standard software engineering processes and practices.
Candidates should have good teamwork skills. Ability to work with
others is a must. Previous experience on compilers is required.
Development experience in C++ is essential. Research skills and
demonstrated projects or published papers are helpful but not

U.S. citizenship or permanent residency is required.

Please e-mail your resume directly to "" with
subject "Compiler Engineer."


From: (Algirdas Pakstas)
Date: 17 Jan 1995 14:45:16 GMT

2nd Edition, 16.01.1995


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Agder College,
Grimstad, Norway is developing education and research in area of
telematics and is interested to invite foreign researchers for
temporary guest researcher positions funded by the Norwegian Research
Council (Norges forskningsraad).

AREAS OF INTERESTS: telematics, networking, protocols, software
development for distributed computer control systems and real-time
systems, formal methods, compiler construction.

FELLOWSHIP CONDITIONS: Fellowship can be provided for 1-12 months.
Tax-free stipendia is 25,000 NOK for first 2 months and 10,000 NOK for
other months (current exchange rate is about 6.8 NOK = 1 USD).
Transport expenses to/from Norway are covered for guest researcher and
can be covered for family members (if agreed period of stay in Norway
is not shorter than 3 months and family stays with guest researcher).

The Application Form will be filled with information provided by
interested candidates and send to the Norwegian Research Council
(Norges forskningsraad) by Agder College.

Interested candidates should send their CVs with a list of publications
and proposed research plans (including expected work start and duration)
to the contact person shown below.

Application deadline: January 25, 1995
Decision expected: April 1, 1995
Work start expected: June-August 1995 (can be discussed).

Final approvement of funding for guest researcher fellowships will be
done by the Norwegian Research Council (Norges forskningsraad).


Agder College was formed on August 1, 1994 from 6 independent colleges
located in 3 towns (Arendal, Grimstad and Kristiansand) in the counties
of Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder in the southern part of Norway.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering belongs to the Division
of Engineering and is located in Grimstad. Grimstad is harbor and resort town
on one-hour-driving distance from Kristiansand (international ferries and
flights to Denmark, UK).

Computer facilities at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
includes few Unix workstations such as Sun, HP-9000 as well as Linux
(on 486-based processors). Student classes are equipped by X-terminals
and PCs. Internet connection is provided via liased line to Oslo.

Contact person: Dr Algirdas Pakstas


From: cmcgrail@NeXT.COM (Caroline McGrail)
Subject: JOB: Compiler Engineer at NeXT!
Date: 18 Jan 1995 20:09:24 GMT
Organization: NeXT, Inc.

NeXT Computer Inc. located in Redwood City, CA is currently searching to
fill the following position. If you are interested or know of persons
fitting the profile described please send resume to "" or
fax to 415-780-4554.

Position: Compiler and Runtime Engineer
Department: Development Environment

Primary responsibilities:
Design, development and maintenance of the Objective C, C, and C++
compilers and runtime systems.

Specific Responsibilities:
o maintenance and bug fixing for gcc and the Objective C runtime
o coordinating changes with FSF and NeXT's porting groups
o implementation of new compiler and runtime features
o responsible for portions of the debugger that has to do with
dynamic shared libraries
o improving our C++ support in general
o optimizations of the Objective C runtime for shared libraries
o improving the performance of the shared library codegeneration

Position Requirements:
o experience with working on compilers
o interest in working on runtime systems
o knowledge of at least one machine architecture including stack
frame layouts and calling conventions
o knowledge of debuggers, assemblers, loaders helpful
o experience with optimizing software systems in general would be a
o experience working with FSF would be a plus
o experience working with GCC would be a plus

Education and Experience:
B.S in Computer Science or related field,
and 2+ years of applicable experience.

Additional Success Factors:
Seeks high degree of reliability in their work.

NeXT Computer Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.


From: cmcgrail@NeXT.COM (Caroline McGrail)
Subject: JOB: Development Environment Engineer
Date: 18 Jan 1995 20:10:41 GMT
Organization: NeXT, Inc.

NeXT Computer Inc. located in Redwood City, CA is currently searching to
fill the following position. If you are interested or know of persons
fitting the profile described please send resume to "" or
fax to 415-780-4554.


Position: Software Engineer
Department: Development Environment

  Primary responsibilities:
Development, maintenance, and enhancement of ProjectBuilder. Refine the
existing product based on customer feedback. This includes debugging,
modification of existing features and implementation of new features.
Specific responsibilities:
* Development & maintenance of ProjectBuilder
* Implementation of specific aspects of ProjectBuilder including
(possibly) SCM integration, class browser, documentation integration,
InterfaceBuilder integration, editor enhancements, "syntax" coloring,
other tools integration etc.
* Debugging and performance tuning of ProjectBuilder

Position Requirements:
* interest in building an integrated development environment
* experience building an integrated development environment a plus

Education and Experience:
* B.S. or equivalent in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering
or equivalent.
* 3-10 years industrial experience.

Additional Success Factors:
* Knowledge of NeXTSTEP & appkit programming

NeXT Computer Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.


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