Subject: IR '95 preliminary program
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 19:32:41 GMT

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Subject: IR '95 preliminary program (1994-11-23)
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Date: Wed, 23 Nov 1994 19:32:41 GMT

I am happy to announce that the following papers have been accepted to the
ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Intermediate Representations (IR '95). IR '95 will
be held on January 22, 1995 in San Francisco, California, in conjunction
with POPL '95. More information, and registration material, is available
via the World Wide Web at URL
or via anonymous ftp from

-Michael Ernst
Chair, IR '95

Validation of ANDF components
Fr\'ederic Broustaut, Christian Fabre, Fran\cois de Ferri\`ere, \`Eric
Ivanov (Research Institute of the OSF), and Mauro Fiorentini (Etnoteam)

Oak Intermediate Bytecodes
James Gosling (Sun Microsystems)

Incremental Computation of Dominator Trees
Vugranam C. Sreedhar, Guang R. Gao (McGill University), and
Yong-fong Lee (IBM)

GC: the data-flow graph format of synchronous programming
Pascal Aubry and Thierry Gautier (IRISA)

Optimizing sparse representations for dataflow analysis
Erik Ruf (Microsoft Research)

A simple graph-based intermediate representation
Cliff Click (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories) and Michael Paleczny
(Rice University)

A Correspondence between Continuation Passing Style and Static Single
Assignment Form
Richard A. Kelsey (NEC Research Institute)

XIL and YIL: The intermediate languages of TOBEY
Kevin O'Brien, Kathryn M. O'Brien, Martin Hopkins, Arvin Shepherd,
and Ron Unrau (IBM T.J. Watson Laboratory)

Rationalized Three Instruction machine
Sachin V. Chitnis, Manorajan Satpathy, and Sandeep Oberoi (IIT Bombay)

GURRR: A Global Unified Resource Requirements Representation
David A. Berson, Rajiv Gupta, and Mary Lou Soffa (University of Pittsburgh)

Sparse functional stores for imperative programs
Bjarne Steensgaard (Microsoft Research)

Clarity MCode: A retargetable intermediate representation for compilation
Brian T. Lewis (Sun Microsystems Laboratories)


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