Incremental compilation. (Scott Hess)
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 00:21:21 GMT

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From: (Scott Hess)
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Date: Wed, 23 Nov 1994 00:21:21 GMT

Any good pointers towards books or articles which describe
implementation of "incremental compilers"?

Since I've probably just trampled on someone's definition ... the
term as I am using it means that given a document D in the source
language, there is some target representation for the document,
D', which the compiler translates D into [C(D)=D']. "Incremental"
comes into play when you want to apply a set of deltas (dD) to D.
Assume that the deltas are much smaller than the document, and that
the compilaion process is expensive in some manner, it can be
helpful to find a means of converting dD into some dD', which is
a delta for the target document D'. It may be that D'+dD' is less
expensive to calculate than C(D+dD).

I'm interested in references which discuss this process, preferably
in a reasonably general manner, though I'll take less general
references if I have to. Specific injunctions against references
which are incremental only at the level of separate compilaion of
functions. Responses at all levels of expertise welcome (I may
not know the correct terminology, but I can generally handle whatever
is thrown at me).

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