Re: DAG ploting tool needed (Jan Rekers)
Thu, 10 Nov 1994 15:37:50 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Jan Rekers)
Keywords: tools, visual
Organization: Dept. Computer Science, Leiden University, the Netherlands
References: 94-11-034
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 1994 15:37:50 GMT

Gary.Oblock@Eng.Sun.COM (Gary Oblock) wrote:
> I am looking for the source of a tool that takes as its input a
> description of a DAG and produces as its output a postscript file
> showing the structure of the DAG.

Have a look at xvcg. Seems to do all you need.

The VCG tool reads a textual and readable specification of a graph and
visualizes the graph. If not all positions of nodes are fixed, the
tool layouts the graph using several heuristics as reducing the number
of crossings, minimizing the size of edges, centering of nodes. The
specification language of the VCG tool is nearly compatible to GRL,
the language of the edge tool, but contains many extensions. The VCG
tool allows folding of dynamically or statically specified regions of
the graph. It uses colors and runs on Sunview or X11.

author = {Lemmke, Iris and Sander, Georg},
title = {The CVG Tool -- A Visualization Tool for compiler graphs},
organization = {the Compare Consortium},
note = {Software package, available by ftp from

Another suggestion would be to look into graphed.

author = {Himsolt, Michael},
title = {GraphEd 2.1},
organization = {University of Passau},
note = {Software package, available by ftp from

Kind regards,
Jan Rekers

<A HREF=> Jan Rekers </A>
Department of Computer Science, Leiden University
P.O. box 9512, 2300 RA Leiden, the Netherlands
email:, Phone: +31 71 277108


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