SUMMARY: Picture Layout Grammars (Jorge Gustavo Rocha)
Wed, 9 Nov 1994 10:20:47 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.visual
From: (Jorge Gustavo Rocha)
Keywords: summary
Organization: Universidade do Minho
References: 94-10-193
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 1994 10:20:47 GMT


The question was:

> Has any one of you as a parser that reads Picture Layout Grammars (with
> attributes)?

I receive a few messages (8), most of then from people interested in such a
parser, and/or interested in more info about PLGs. The more important
contribution was from Eric Golin, who as a new parser, but it isn't available
yet (see below).

I've received also from Bernd Meyer and Pinku a pointer to a parser for
Relational Grammars, developed by Kent Wittenburg at Bellcore.
> Have a look at the ftp archive at (Directory pub/rl, I
> think). You will find a parser for multidimensional grammars by Kent
> Wittenburg there. It is writen in Common Lisp. Some of his papers are there
> as well.
> Bernd

I asked Golin for it's previous work, but he no longer supports it. He is
developing another system, called SPARGEN.
Here is the body of his message:
> I have another system, called SPARGEN, which is a compiler generator
> for visual languages based on Object-Oriented Picture Layout Grammars,
> a C++ based version of PLG's described in VL93 (IEEE Conf. on Visual
> Languages, 1993). I've had numerous requests for this, but haven't
> been able to package it for distribution (I'm no longer at Illinois,
> and the student working on it also left, so its been a strugle to get
> it set up).
> I guess I'll make another attempt at making it available, and announce
> its availability on comp.lang.visual. It won't be that quick, though,
> as I am quite swamped at the moment.
> Dr. Eric J. Golin

I'll like to thanks to all who have respond.

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