Re: Looking for the information about U code! (DanHicks)
Mon, 7 Nov 1994 05:21:50 GMT

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From: (DanHicks)
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References: 94-11-014
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 05:21:50 GMT (Guan-Joe) writes:

>>>We are looking for the data sheets or specification about U code.
Could anyone please help us to find them? or tell us where to get

If my memory were better I would be able to give you all sorts of info,
but alas my mind is leakier than a screen door in a hurricane. System/38
Pascal, which I cowrote with Dick Bains, was based on the original U code
Pascal compiler. I can't remember any references (though I know there was
a spate of articles about 5 years ago in a couple of the journals like

U code is derived from P code, but, unlike P code, is not an "assembler"
language -- it is non-symbolic in nature and is implemented as a sequence
of variant records. Like P code, it is a "stack" notation, with a simple
add being represented as LOD/LOD/ADD/STR, for example. Addresses are
given with bit offsets, adding slightly to its fairly good platform
independence but being the source of many, many bugs.

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