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Terence Parr <parrt@everest.ee.umn.edu>
Wed, 2 Nov 1994 17:04:00 GMT

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PCCTS 1.30 parrt@everest.ee.umn.edu (Terence Parr) (1994-11-02)
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From: Terence Parr <parrt@everest.ee.umn.edu>
Keywords: PCCTS, tools, available
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 1994 17:04:00 GMT

                                    Announcing the 1.30 release of PCCTS

                                The Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set

                                                        November 1, 1994

Items of note in versions since 1.30:

o Token references may now be labeled so that actions can refer to the
associated attributes with $label rather than $i for some integer
i. For example,

expr : NEGATE id:ID
<<printf("found -%s\n", $id->getText());>>

o A sophisticated error handling mechanism called PARSER EXCEPTION
HANDLING is now available (albeit, in alpha-quality
state)--providing a unified framework for reporting and recovering
from semantic and syntactic errors. While parser exception handling
has much in common with C++ exception handling, we do not actually
use C++ exceptions in our implementation; hence, parser exception
handling can be used with either the ANTLR C or C++ interface. For

stat: "if" e:expr "then" stat { "else" stat }
catch MismatchedToken :
catch NoViableAlt :
"line %d: if-stat: malformed conditional at \"%s\"\n",
line, LATEXT(1));
| "while" expr "do" stat

The exception handler catches two predefined signals,
MismatchedToken and NoViableAlt, that occur during the recognition
of expr (by specifying a label on the rule reference and the

For input ``if 34+ then ...'', the parser would respond with

line 1: if-stat: malformed conditional at "then"

instead of the automatic mechanism's:

line 1: syntax error at "then" missing { INT FLOAT }.

for example.

For those users with anonymous FTP access, the main PCCTS site is:

                                  everest.ee.umn.edu (

in the directory:


Those with only email access, send:

                                  mail -s 'email install' pccts@ecn.purdue.edu
                                  mail -s 'email one.c' pccts@ecn.purdue.edu
                                  mail -s 'email pccts.bag' pccts@ecn.purdue.edu

If you are interested in sharing your experiences/problems/
successes/suggestions regarding PCCTS, please send join us
in the comp.compilers.tools.pccts newsgroup.

Thank you for your interest in PCCTS,

    The Authors of The Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set:

    Terence J. Parr, parrt@acm.org
    Russell W. Quong quong@ecn.purdue.edu
    Will E. Cohen, cohenw@ecn.purdue.edu
    Henry G. Dietz, hankd@ecn.purdue.edu


        "Why program by hand in 5 days what you can spend 5 years of your
          life automating?"

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