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davidm@Rational.COM (David Moore)
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 03:48:01 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: davidm@Rational.COM (David Moore)
Keywords: code, tools, bibliography
Organization: Rational Software Corporation
References: 94-10-094 94-10-129
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 1994 03:48:01 GMT (David Chase) writes:

> (John McEnerney) writes:
>> This was the Graham-Glanville algorithm; it was Glanville's PhD thesis.
>> I seem to have lost the original paper. The idea was to use an LR parser
>> to recognize substrings in a prefix representation of the IR tree, and
>> associate code generation actions with the parse. There have been several
>> follow-up papers on this. The only commercial compiler I have heard of
>> that used this was an old Intel cross-compiler for x86 development.

My thesis contains these references:

Glanville R S and Graham S L
A New Method for Compiler Code Construction
5th Annual ACM POPL Conference (1978)

Graham, S L Henry, RR and Schulman R A
An experiment in table driven code generation
Sigplan vol 17 No 6 (1982)

I think these are both on this topic (they're in a box somewhere, so I cannot
easily check)

Another reference is

Cattel, R.G.G et al
Code generation in a machine independent compiler. Sigplan Vol 14 no 8 (1979)

This is not based on LR parsing but, if memory serves, a top-down greedy
algorithm. It also deals with instructions with side-effects, I think.

I also see this really old reference:

Brooker R A et al (Brooker and Morris, I think it was)
The compiler-compiler
Annual Review in Automatic Programming Vol 3 (1962)
Pergammon, London.

This is the original compiler-compiler paper, but I don't remember if it
discusses code generation, rather than just parsing.

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