Re: TXL, VHDL preprocessor (tree transformer) RESPONSES (SUMMARY) (Jim Cordy)
Tue, 18 Oct 1994 01:46:35 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.misc
From: (Jim Cordy)
Keywords: tools, parse
Organization: Computing & Information Science, Queen's University
References: 94-10-118
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 01:46:35 GMT

Wing Chung <> wrote:
>TXL : Tree Transformation Language. Take a look in /pub/txl on
> Unfortunately, according to the author of TXL,
> the funding on this project has stopped and so is the project.

        WHOA! Not so fast, Mr. Chung. I said nothing of the sort.
        What I did say to you, *exactly*, is:

        >> From cordy Tue Oct 11 11:44:02 1994
        >> To:
        >> Subject: Re: where can I find a .ps file of the "TXL User's Guide"?
        >> The user's guide has never been produced for version 7, sorry.
        >> We have run out of TXL distribution funding and are working
        >> on more important (i.e. paid for) things. Sorry.
        >> Jim Cordy

        The TXL project, recently a winner of an Excellence in Industrial
        Innovation award, is alive, well, and serving the community,
        especially in the province of Ontario, who are footing the bill.
        As a matter of fact, support for the project is at an all-time high.

        Further *distribution*, as I told you in the message above,
        is not a priority at the moment because that's not what supporting
        organizations are interested in. On the other hand lots of people
        use the last free distribution, TXL 7.4, successfully to do lots
        of things. And certainly there will be new distributions in future.

        I can understand how you misunderstood my note, but let's set it right.
        We are not working on free distribution. We *are* working on TXL.
        We *do* support TXL users.

        Jim Cordy
        TXL Project
Prof. James R. Cordy Software Technology Laboratory Dept. Computing & Information Science
+1 (613) 545 6054 / FAX +1 (613) 545 6513 Queen's Univ., Kingston, Canada

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