Journal of C Language Translation, September 1994 (John R Levine)
Sun, 9 Oct 1994 05:59:51 GMT

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Journal of C Language Translation, September 1994 (1994-10-09)
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From: (John R Levine)
Keywords: C, C++, journal
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 1994 05:59:51 GMT

The September issue of the Journal of C Language Translation has been
published and is in the mail to subscribers. This issue was mailed a
week late because I held it until I got a report of a meeting the last
week in September.

The Journal is a quarterly publication aimed specifically at implementers
of C and C++ language translators such as compilers, interpreters,
preprocessors, language-to-C and C-to-language translators, static
analysis tools, cross-reference tools, parser generators, lexical
analyzers, syntax-directed editors, validation suites, and the like. It
should also be of interest to vendors of third-party libraries since they
must interface with, and support, vendors of such translation tools.

For subscription details (it costs money) or info on writing an
article (we pay money, too) drop a note to, or FTP to and look in pub/jclt.

Table of Contents:

{Vol 6, 1 -- September, 1994}

1. Managing the Heap --- P.J. Plauger

How to implement malloc, free, and friends

2. Standardizing C++: 1994 Part 1 --- John Micco

More progress of the C++ Standards committee, with a lot of
attention to templates

3. Implementation of Exception Handling, Part II: Calling
Conventions, Asynchrony, Optimizers, and Debuggers --- David Chase

More on the details of handling exceptions in ++ and similar languages

4. C Standards Update --- Douglas A. Gwyn

Gwyn discusses ongoing C standards-related activities

5. DPCE Status Report --- Linda Stanberry

DPCE comes ever closer to a technical report

6. Shared C++ Objects and Vtbl Placement --- Arindam Banerji and David L. Cohn

Implementing C++ objects in shared memory

7. Miscellanea --- John Levine

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