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Sun, 9 Oct 1994 04:57:45 GMT

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From: (Preston Briggs)
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Date: Sun, 9 Oct 1994 04:57:45 GMT


>> "Optimization in Compilers" by F. Allen, B. K. Rosen, and K. Zadeck. (Eds.)
>> ACM Press/Addison-Wesley, to appear 1992

>A colleague of mine went on the "Code Optimization" course at Stanford this
>summer, and there it was stated that the book (or at least chapters from it)
>was with its reviewers. Chapters were even referenced from the course notes!
>It is a great pity if the book is being withdrawn, as there is a distinct
>absence of text books on optimization in "modern" compilers (Red Dragon is
>okay as far as it goes, but it is rather dated).

I'm sorry; I should have been more complete. Kenny Zadeck told me at
PLDI in June 1994 that the project was dead. He didn't say why. Many
chapters were relatively complete, but I guess others needed more
work. Some of the chapter's were given to reviewers back in about
'91, or even '90. And people _have_ referenced chapters in papers and
such (e.g., Briggs and Cooper, PLDI 94), but they were apparently

It _is_ too bad; a lot of hard work with no payoff. However, the
compiler world won't end. You can still get at the original papers
and new books appear all the time. I've heard of new compiler books
on the way by:

Michael Wolfe

Ron Cytron

Randy Allen and Ken Kennedy

I don't know what stage they're in, but they ought to be worth the wait.

Preston Briggs

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