CFP: ACM SIGPLAN Languages, Compilers and Tools for Real-Time Systems (Richard Gerber)
Wed, 5 Oct 1994 01:23:21 GMT

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CFP: ACM SIGPLAN Languages, Compilers and Tools for Real-Time Systems (1994-10-05)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.ada
From: (Richard Gerber)
Keywords: CFP, conference, tools
Organization: U of Maryland, Dept. of Computer Science, Coll. Pk., MD 20742
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 1994 01:23:21 GMT

ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on
Languages, Compilers and Tools for Real-Time Systems
(In Conjunction with ACM SIGPLAN PLDI/PEPM)
La Jolla, California
June 21-22, 1995

ACM SIGPLAN LCT-RTS '95 is an interface between two dynamic fields of
computer science and engineering: programming languages and real-time
systems. The time is right for this workshop: top researchers in these
areas are addressing many similar problems, but with slightly different
perspectives and technologies. LCT-RTS provides a forum where these
researchers can share their results and directions, and where they can
potentially form new collaborations based on common interests.

MOTIVATION: Until recently real-time systems development was the province
of experienced specialists, who were trained to deal both at very high and
low levels of abstraction. Programmers were faced with a variety of
custom kernels, non-standard languages and vendor-specific device
interfaces. System integration inevitably involved a complicated process
of taking timing measurements, hand-tuning the code, and then
re-measuring. These ad-hoc techniques have not scaled to support modern
systems, which often possess multiple, complex, interacting components.
There is a growing desire to adopt advanced design strategies, standard
kernels, reusable modules, generic languages and the like. Also, the
majority of real-time developers is longer drawn from the ranks of
embedded controls experts; rather, it is composed of animators,
physicists, video producers, musicians, medical technicians, automotive
engineers, manufacturing engineers, etc. New software approaches are
necessary to support these new systems, and this new generation of
real-time programmers.

THE WORKSHOP: ACM SIGPLAN LCT-RTS '95 is devoted to investigating software
technologies for contemporary real-time systems. This is the second
LCT-RTS workshop; last year's meeting showed that there is significant
interest in this area. Original submissions are invited in all areas
relevant to this theme, including (but not restricted to) the following
list of topics:

    * Programming Languages for Real-Time: Industrial and Research
    * Design: Requirements, System Specification, Analysis
    * Exception Handling: Semantics, Policies, Mechanisms
    * Prototyping Languages
    * Timing Analysis: Static and Dynamic Approaches
    * Scheduling Analysis
    * Realtime on RISC: Caches, Register Windows, Pipelines
    * Realtime Memory Management and Garbage Collection
    * Support for Parallelism and Data Placement
    * Program Transformation and Optimization for Real-Time Performance
    * Profiling, Measurement and Debugging
    * System Integration and Testing

Of particular interest are case studies, or experimental results based on
application-building experiences; for example in interactive graphics,
imaging, manufacturing, etc.

Papers should report new research, and should not exceed 5000 words
(approximately 10 pages typeset 10-point on 16-point spacing, or 15
typewritten double-spaced pages). Short papers are also welcomed, which
describe existing implementations, work-in-progress, or new problems and
important issues. Short papers should not exceed 3000 words (6 pages).
All accepted papers will be presented at the workshop and published in the

SUBMISSION: Please submit seven (7) copies of papers, to:

        Attn: Richard Gerber
        Department of Computer Science
        University of Maryland
        College Park, MD 20742 USA

Papers will be reviewed the program committee for appropriateness of
content and presentation. Proceedings will be distributed at the workshop.


Submission of draft paper: 23 January 1995
Notification of acceptance: 22 March 1995
Final version due: 15 May 1995


Alan Burns (University of York)
Richard Gerber, Co-Chair (University of Maryland)
Rajiv Gupta (Univ of Pittsburgh)
Mary Hall (Caltech)
Connie Heitmeyer (Naval Research Lab)
Insup Lee (University of Pennsylvania)
Al Mok (University of Texas at Austin)
Thomas Marlowe, Co-Chair (Seton Hall University, NJIT RTCL)
Steve Tjiang (Synopsys Inc.)


Richard Gerber Thomas Marlowe
Department of Computer Science Department of Mathematics
University of Maryland Seton Hall University
College Park, MD 20742, USA South Orange NJ 07079, USA
telephone: +1 301 405 2710 telephone: +1 201 761 9784
fax: +1 301 405 6707 fax: +1 201 761 9596

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