Proceedings of the Joint Modular Languages Conference available! (Alfred Lupper)
Tue, 4 Oct 1994 12:35:23 GMT

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Proceedings of the Joint Modular Languages Conference available! (1994-10-04)
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From: (Alfred Lupper)
Keywords: conference, books
Organization: University of Ulm
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 1994 12:35:23 GMT

Dear Friends of Modular and Object-oriented Programming Languages,

the JMLC conference in Ulm was a great success and showed a very big interest
in Modular and Object-oriented Programming Languages.

For those who were not able to join the conference, it is still possible to get
the conference proceedings separately. The price is 60 DM until 30.11.1994. We
can not give it away cheaper, because we have high cost in printing the
proceedings. The price of 60 DM is also only valid a short time after the
conference, if you directly order from the department.

Later you will have to place an order to the

Univeritaetsverlag Ulm GmbH
Benzstrasse 12
PO Box 4204

D-89032 Ulm, Germany

Advance in Modular Languages
Proceedings of the Joint Modular Languages Conference,
University of Ulm, Germany

The ISBN number is 3-89559-220-X

After 30.11.1994 the proceedings will cost 90 DM.

If you want to have a copy before 30.11.1994, please send a fax to ++49 731
502-4142 or an e-mail to and tell our secretary
your name and address,that you want to buy the conference proceedings and how
you want to pay.
She will handle your order and send you a copy as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest.

Alfred Lupper

Method of Payment:

Payable to: JMLC Conference 1994, University of Ulm

[ ] Transfer to: ULMV DE 66002 Illertisser Bank
        Sorting Code of Bank (BLZ): 731 915 00
        Account No.: 702 505 005

[ ] Cheque enclosed

[ ] Visa [ ] Diners Club
[ ] American Express [ ] MasterCard/EuroCard

Card Number: Expiration Date:

Cardholder Name Signature:

Alfred Lupper, Computer Science Dept.,
University of Ulm, D-89069 Ulm, Germany
Phone: ++49 731 502 4139 FAX: ++49 731 502 4142

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