new CD-ROM of compilers and interpreters (Jan Gray)
Thu, 18 Aug 1994 19:44:20 GMT

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From: (Jan Gray)
Keywords: code, available, tools
Organization: Microsoft Corporation
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 1994 19:44:20 GMT

I just found a terrific new CD-ROM at Computer Literacy in Santa Clara (?) CA.
It's called the "Knowledge Media Language/OS Multiplatform Resource Library",
and it comes with source and docs and so forth for several dozen programming
language implementations. I think it sells for about $35.00.

The label says:
"This is the largest collection of compilers, interpreters, libraries,
and source code for standard and experimental languages and operating
systems ever assembled. A must for anyone interested in computer
programming, this disc is just right for everyone, whether he or she
is a researcher, student, or an interested hobbist [sic]."

Here's an "ls" on the CD-ROM root directory:

a_utils c ellis hope modula pcl scorpion tcl
abc caml escalant icon mops pcr self thomas
ada clean essence j oberon preccx setl2 txl
algol clu et janus ol presto simula usystem
aspect cml f2c karel ola prolog smaltalk vhdl
assembly cnstrnts forth lisp oper_sys ptolemy sml_nj web
ast_comp cocktail fpc littlest ops_5 python snobol4 xcoral
ast_text cpp_libs gambit logo p2c quintus splash yerk
awesime dir.tre glass lp2_7 p4 rexx sr
b dir.txt gnu lyu parallel russell ssl
basic dsp hash maisie parcs sather t3_1
bcpl e hashsig mals pascal scheme t_gen
bfl ec_plus haskell maple pccts scm tagger

Hours of fun. You'll want your own copy just to browse those SML/NJ
sources or kick the tires on the "Geneva" PC-Scheme interpreter.
(My only complaint is that most directories are archived rather than left
as plain files, probably necessary to squeeze all this stuff onto one CD.)

Knowledge Media's numbers are (apparently) (800)78CDROM and (916)872-7487.

Jan Gray // Microsoft Visual C++ Development

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