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rerhea@purcell.isrc.sandia.gov (Ron Rhea (ATA))
Thu, 18 Aug 1994 16:00:13 GMT

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C++ Compiler rerhea@purcell.isrc.sandia.gov) (1994-08-18)
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Newsgroups: comp.lang.c++,comp.compilers
From: rerhea@purcell.isrc.sandia.gov (Ron Rhea (ATA))
Keywords: question, C++, comment
Organization: Sandia National Laboratories
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 1994 16:00:13 GMT

The latest version of Sun's C++ compiler (SPARCcompiler C++ 4.0) only
generates native SPARC chip code and cannot be used in cross-compilation
environments such as is needed for VxWorks. Does anyone have a
recommendation for a C++ compiler that

      - is CFront-compatible
      - runs under Solaris
      - can be used with cross-compilers such as the GNU Toolkit
      - supports latest features of C++ such as templates and exception handling
      - is independent of a development environment such as ObjectCenter

Thanks in advance.
[Given what a mess cfront is, can anything other than cfront itself really be
compatible with it? -John]

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