Modula-2 for AXP/OpenVMS

Guenter Dotzel <>
Thu, 11 Aug 1994 08:26:16 GMT

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Modula-2 for AXP/OpenVMS (Guenter Dotzel) (1994-08-11)
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From: Guenter Dotzel <>
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Date: Thu, 11 Aug 1994 08:26:16 GMT

New Product Announcement ./. Press Release

MaX V4: Modula-2 for DEC Alpha AXP/OpenVMS

Modula-2 is a language widely used on VAX/VMS systems for
educational and research purposes all over the world.

The DIS of ISO 10154 Modula-2 was released by IEC/IEEE/ISO in June, 1994.
MaX already supports the full ISO Modula-2 standard library
and most of the ISO language extensions.

With MaX, ModulaWare's OpenVMS AXP Modula-2 compiler,
the VAX users can migrate their Modula-2 applications to AXP.
Universities and non-profit educational institutions get 50% discount.

ModulaWare GmbH is a German based company with 4 employees.
We develop Modula-2 and Oberon-2 compilers,
mainly for DEC platforms, since 1985.

The first version of MaX V4.05 was shipped in 02-Jul-1994
to customers in Switzerland and Germany.
The compiler port from VAX to AXP was a self-funded project
and took 27 man months.
ModulaWare already got positive feedback.
If you need references, please send PM.


MaX V4.06 Technical Summary

MaX directly generates AXP native code in OpenVMS object code files, has
integrated disassembler and cross reference generator and supports

1. Modula-2 as defined in N. Wirth's "Programming in Modula-2" (3rd. edition)
with compilation qualifier /NOISO

2. most of the important ISO 10154 Modula-2 language extensions, such as
array and record constructors, complex arithmetic, empty records, structured
function types, multi-dimensional arrays, large sets, additional whole number
operators REM and "/", redeclaration of pervasive indentifiers (types and
procedures), generic real and complex number literals, number conversion
with VAL between any scalar and floating point type, additional standard
functions: INT, CMPLX, RE, IM, LFLOAT, LENGTH, MAX, MIN; module

3. whole-number arithmetic for 32 and 64 Bit (the latter via module SYSTEM)

4. floating-point arithmetic for VAX- and IEEE-Types (F, D, G, S und

5. complex arithmetic for VAX- and IEEE-Types (F, D, G, S and T_COMPLEX)

6. coroutines (very fast transfer/stack-swap (1 ms), with safe stack overflow

7. instruction scheduling (enabled via compilation qualifier)

8. packed and unpacked record types (enabled via compilation qualifier)

9. OSF/Motif-, X11, VMS-, RMS-, MTH-, RTL-, OTS-, LIB-, STR-, ... libraries
via foreign interface modules (source included)

10. mixed language projects; call of procedures written in foreign languages
such as C, Fortran, or Pascal

11. any Modula-2 procedure may be called asynchronously by OpenVMS

12. module dependency analyser/make-utility

13. OpenVMS symbolic run-time debugger

MaX is fully upward compatible with ModulaWare's MVR V4.05 (VAX/VMS
Modula-2 Compiler). Both compilers share the same front-end. The symbol
file format is compatible.

The documentation consists of Modula-2 language report and user's guide.
Distribution on media TK-50 or DAT-cassette as OpenVMS backup-save-set.

Data sheet and implementation notes (20 pages) are available upon request.

Guenter Dotzel
ModulaWare GmbH, Wilhelmstr. 17A, D-91054 Erlangen/Germany
Fon +49 (9131) 208395, Fax +49 (9131) 28205

Address change from 01-Dec-1994:

ModulaWare GmbH
La Chanenche-Haute
Meolans Revel
F-04340 Le Lauzet (France)

Tel +33 92 81 30 99

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