PCCTS 1.21 Release

"Terence Parr" <parrt@s1.arc.umn.edu>
Mon, 8 Aug 1994 20:32:17 GMT

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PCCTS 1.21 Release parrt@s1.arc.umn.edu (Terence Parr) (1994-08-08)
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From: "Terence Parr" <parrt@s1.arc.umn.edu>
Keywords: PCCTS, available
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 1994 20:32:17 GMT
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                                    Announcing the 1.21 release of PCCTS

                                The Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set

                                                            August 8, 1994

Items of note in the new version:

o The C++ output is much cleaner, more complete and compiles with more
        C++ compilers.

o A number of minor bug fixes have been made.

o We improved the genmk program.

o Line numbers are now tracked when using infinite lookahead.

o The standard release now includes a Mac port.

For those users with anonymous FTP access: The site is:

                                  everest.ee.umn.edu (

in the directory:


[NOTE: we no longer use marvin.ecn.purdue.edu for the ftp site.]

Those with only email access mail send:

                                  mail -s 'email install' pccts@ecn.purdue.edu
                                  mail -s 'email one.c' pccts@ecn.purdue.edu
                                  mail -s 'email pccts.bag' pccts@ecn.purdue.edu

Note that non-UNIX users will have to get files install.unbag.reqd and
unbag.c in addition. See the README file. The makefile has explicit
stuff for a variety of compilers for PC's. A makefile.VMS file is
also included for ANTLR and DLG. Also, we now have a makefile.mpw file.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences/problems/
successes/suggestions regarding PCCTS, please send join us
in the comp.compilers.tools.pccts newsgroup or email to our
mailing list at


You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending mail to


with a body of

                            subscribe pccts-users your_return_email_address

where your_name can be your name or your email address. Also, feel
free to post messages to the comp.compilers newsgroup if you have
grammars/tools that might prove useful to others.

Also of interest may be SORCERER, a simple tree-parser generator. An
overview paper and the software may be obtained in pub/pccts/papers
at the same ftp site. Once SORCERER is out of beta testing, it will
become part of PCCTS.

Thank you for your interest in PCCTS,

    The Authors of The Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set:

    Terence J. Parr, parrt@acm.org
    Russell W. Quong quong@ecn.purdue.edu
    Will E. Cohen, cohenw@ecn.purdue.edu
    Henry G. Dietz, hankd@ecn.purdue.edu

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