Prolog to AGP-L compiler ? (Tasos)
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 18:45:10 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Tasos)
Keywords: prolog, parse
Organization: National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 1994 18:45:10 GMT
Status: RO

Hello compiler experts,

We have been asked to develop a tool that should transform a subset of
Prolog into AGP-L. AGP-L is the language that understands a program that
deals with language recognition. So basically what we need to do is take
the Prolog input, tokenize it, make the tree and parse it ... etc. A
typical project some might say, but we neither have much experience nor
much time :( One major problem seems to be Prolog itself! Although it is
great to quote physical language (or is it natural language?) it seems to
be a big trouble when it comes to transforming it into an imperative
language. One question is : has anyone worked with Prolog or something
similar, and what is your experience on it?

The second problem that we face is really a dillema. We have been told
about Sorcerer (from Purdue univ.) and that it should be a fine tool to
use for our project. Although I got some information about it, I am not so
sure that this is what we want and whether it can manage language like
Prolog. Has anyone heard about it, or even better used it? What about

Please the bad English and structure of this posting.
Many thanx in advance for any replies, pointers to www papers, or gopher
that would be in any way useful...

@ Tasos Koutoumanos | email:

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