Release of PCCTS 1.20

"Terence Parr" <>
Fri, 1 Apr 1994 04:08:29 GMT

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Release of PCCTS 1.20 (Terence Parr) (1994-04-01)
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From: "Terence Parr" <>
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Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 1994 04:08:29 GMT

                                    Announcing the 1.20 release of PCCTS

                                The Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set

                                                            April 1, 1994

Items of note in the new version:

o PCCTS now actively supports C++. The new C++ output is very
cool--we have chosen to create a class hierarchy that reflects
the typical nice conceptual separation between recognition

o We added ``#tokclass'' (define a set of tokens), ``.''
(wildcard operator), ``~'' (not operator).

o Added ``T1..Tn'' token range operator.

o Added ``#tokdefs'' so programmers can have predefined token
type values.

o We improved the genmk program.

o Line numbers are now tracked when using infinite lookahead.

o Added ``-o dir'' option to specify where all output should go.

o A few nasty code generation bugs were fixed as well as a few
bugs relating to semantic predicate hoisting.

For those users with anonymous FTP access: The site is:


in the directory:


Those with only email access mail send:

                                  mail -s 'email install'
                                  mail -s 'email one.c'
                                  mail -s 'email pccts.bag'

Note that non-UNIX users will have to get files install.unbag.reqd and
unbag.c in addition. See the README file. The makefile has explicit
stuff for a variety of compilers for PC's. A makefile.VMS file is also
included for ANTLR and DLG.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences/problems/
successes/suggestions regarding PCCTS, please send email to our mailing
list at


You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending mail to


with a body of

                            subscribe pccts-users your_return_email_address

where your_name can be your name or your email address. Also, feel free
to post messages to the comp.compilers newsgroup if you have
grammars/tools that might prove useful to others. We are in the process
of trying to get the news group comp.compilers.pccts approved.

Also of interest may be SORCERER, a simple tree-parser generator. An
overview paper and the software may be obtained in pub/pccts/sorcerer at
the same ftp site.

Thank you for your interest in PCCTS,

    The Authors of The Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set:

    Terence J. Parr,
    Will E. Cohen,
    Russell W. Quong
    Henry G. Dietz,

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