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vadik@cs.UMD.EDU (Vadim Maslov)
Wed, 30 Mar 1994 03:53:17 GMT

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From: vadik@cs.UMD.EDU (Vadim Maslov)
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Date: Wed, 30 Mar 1994 03:53:17 GMT

>Could anyone suggest a paper that shows how induction variable
>substitution and wrap around variable substitution are implemented ?

I don't think the details are published. I prefer these two papers:

author = "Michael Wolfe",
title = "Beyond Induction Variables",
booktitle = {SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and
address = {San Francisco, California},
year = 1992,
month = jun

Author = {M. Haghighat and C. Polychronopoulos},
Title = {Symbolic Program Analysis and Optimization for
Parallel Compilers},
                Year = 1992,
                Month = aug,
Number = {1237},
Institution = {CSRD, Univ. of Illinois},
                Note={Presented at the 5th Annual Workshop on Languages and
                Compilers for Parallel Computing, New Haven, CT, August 3-5, 1992}

Speaking of details, our implementation of induction variable
recognition and forward substitution is avaliable by anonymous FTP
from Look for files src/ivr*.c.

Vadim Maslov.

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