Toplas/Loplas Merger (Charles Fischer)
Tue, 29 Mar 1994 21:24:40 GMT

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Toplas/Loplas Merger (1994-03-29)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Charles Fischer)
Keywords: administrivia
Organization: University of WI, Madison -- Computer Sciences Dept.
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 1994 21:24:40 GMT

The following editorial will appear in the next
issue of ACM/TOPLAS:


In 1991 ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems (LOPLAS) was
created to provide rapid publication of short papers describing
research and development efforts in the area of programming languages
and related systems. Its mandate was to reduce publication delays to
months rather than years, while maintaining the highest editorial

Starting with this issue, LOPLAS is merged into TOPLAS. Each issue
of TOPLAS will contain two or three LOPLAS-style "short
communications," reviewed and published on an expedited basis. Each
short communication should be a little "gem" in which the author
explains an interesting new idea with a maximum of clarity and a
minimum of verbiage.

Charles Fischer, Editor-in-Chief of LOPLAS, is now Associate Editor
of TOPLAS with responsibility for managing the short communications
department. Submissions to the new section, not exceeding 5000
words, should be sent (in Postscript) to; the
cover letter should indicate that they are intended as short
communications. Short communications will not be part of the normal
TOPLAS backlog; they will be reviewed and published as rapidly as is

We wish to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of Robert
Cartwright, Ron Cytron, Saumya Debray, Susan Eggers, Robert Halstead,
Jr., Susan Horwitz, Bernard Lang, Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr., Peter Lee,
Uwe Pleban, Bill Pugh, Barbara Ryder, and Mayer D. Schwartz, who have
served on the LOPLAS Editorial Board. These individuals will
continue to handle previous submissions to LOPLAS which will soon
appear as TOPLAS short communications.

We believe the readership of TOPLAS and LOPLAS will find this merger
beneficial. They will continue to receive the comprehensive,
in-depth papers TOPLAS is known for, with the added dividend of
concise and timely reports on new ideas and innovations.

Andrew Appel, Editor-in-Chief, ACM TOPLAS
Charles Fischer, Editor-in-Chief, ACM LOPLAS

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