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Mon, 28 Mar 1994 15:04:08 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Phil Koopman x1624)
Keywords: interpreter, optimize
Organization: United Technologies Research Center
References: 94-03-137
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 15:04:08 GMT (Gerard Henri Rene Milmeister) writes:
>[Books or papers on the instruction set of an interpreter for a
> procedural language? I have experience with stack machines and they
> seem inappropriate for e.g., C.]

Amsterdam, J. (1985) Building a computer in software,
    Byte, October 1985 10(10) 113-118.
This shows how to build a Modula-2 implementation based on a stack
virtual machine. It's one of a multi-part series that I think
also shows how to make the compiler.

Also, Western Digital build a pascal p-code chip set in the late
70's -- presumably there was a decent compiler for that.
Reference: O'Neill, E. (1979) Pascal microengine. In: proc. of
the nineteenth IEEE computer society Int. Conf. (Fall COMPCON 79),
Washington DC, 4-7 September 1979, pp. 112-113

I've also played around with some C-to-stack compilers; much better
efficiency is possible than has been previously implemented in
the "real world". I have a paper demonstrating new techniques
building on Gnu C I can e-mail if you're interested.

Phil Koopman (203) 727-1624
United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)
Silver Lane M/S 48
East Hartford, CT 06108 USA

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