Threaded code (was Re: P-Code and virtual machines)

Stephen J Bevan <>
Sun, 27 Mar 1994 15:42:13 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Stephen J Bevan <>
Keywords: interpreter, bibliography
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 94-03-104 94-03-148
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 1994 15:42:13 GMT

@string{aas = "Astronomy \& Astrophysics Supplement Series"}

{ Bell:cacm:1973
, author= "James R. Bell"
, title= "Threaded Code"
, journal= cacm
, year= 1973
, volume= 16
, number= 6
, month= jun
, pages= "370--372"
, keywords= "threading"
, checked= 19940225
, sjb= "FORTRAN compiler generates threaded code instead of
native machine code."
, abstract= "The concept of ``threaded code'' is presented as an
alternative to machine language code. Hardware and software
realizations of it are given. In software it is realized as
interpretive code not needing an interpreter. Extensions and
optimizations are mentioned."

{ Moore:aas:1974
, author= "C. H. Moore"
, title= "FORTH: a new way to program a mini computer"
, journal= aas
, volume= 15
, pages= "497--511"
, month= "April--June"
, year= 1974
, checked= 19940225
, note= "Hopefully this citation is correct. It is surprising how
many citations are made to this paper that get one or more parts of it
, sjb= "A surprising (to me) amount of detail on the mechanics of
the Forth system. An interesting read."
, abstract= "Most programming languages are clumsy or expensive to use
on small computers. FORTH is an interactive high-level language tht
is neither. It makes extremely efficient use of core and time and
make available facilities usually restricted to low-level languages

To describe a problem, a programmer defines an application-oriented
vocabulary. He composes this vocabulary on disk in source form. A
user can compile this into core and use it, as well as the standard
facilities of FORTH, to solve his problem with ease and flexibility.

FORTH has been implemented on numerous computers. 8K core memory, a
disk (or tape) and a terminal are required. Basic FORTH provides I/O,
a macro-assembler and a compiler, resident in only 2K words of core.
Another 1K is used for automatic buffers that make disk appear to be
an extension of core memory."

{ Dewar:cacm:1975
, author= "Robert K. Dewar"
, title= "Indirect Threaded Code"
, journal= cacm
, volume= 18
, number= 6
, month= jun
, year= 1975
, pages= "330-331"
, checked= 19940225
, keywords= "threading"
, sjb= "Used in the context of a SNOBOL compiler"
, abstract= "An efficient arrangement for interpretive code is
described. It is related to Bell's notion of threaded code but
requires less space an is more amenable to machine independent

{ Ritter:Walker:byte:1980
, author= "Terry Ritter and Gregory Walker"
, title= "Varieties of Threaded Code for Language Implementation"
, journal= byte
, volume= 5
, number= 9
, pages= "206--227"
, year= 1980
, checked= 19940225
, keywords= "threading"
, abstract= "Between a high-level language (HLL) and its underlying
machine architecture lurk many language implementation techniques.
These include the older techniques of interpretation and compilation,
as well as newer ones like intermedite languages and threaded code.
In this article, we will present four types of threaded code
techniques for implementing itermediate languages. We will examine
how these four logically equivalent techniques offer various
trade-offs of execution speed, program storage, and use of procesor
, sjb= "A detailed look at subroutine-threaded, direct-threaded,
indirect-threded, token-threaded methods and variants thereof. The
descriptions are in Pseudo Pascal or 6809."

{ Hong:sigforth:fall:1992
, author= "P. Joseph Hong"
, title= "Threaded Code Designs for Forth Interpreters"
, journal= sigforth
, volume= 4
, number= 2
, year= 1992
, pages= "11--16"
, sjb= "Yet another paper describing the implementation of
various threading techniques."

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