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Sun, 27 Mar 1994 07:31:16 GMT

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Date: Sun, 27 Mar 1994 07:31:16 GMT

For threaded code, check out J. R. Bell "Threaded Code" CACM 16:6 (1972).
I hope this is a sufficient (and correct) reference. I don't have the
paper at hand, so it might have earlier references.

As I recall, Ken Thompson refereed this paper and fought for a while with
the editor; Ken was willing to have it published, but thought the paper
too lengthy for its content (Didn't CACM have a "Pracniques" or some
similarly-named section for programming hacks? That's what he suggested
it be relegated to). Part of the reason he didn't think it was such a
wonderful invention was that he had used it ca.1969 in the PDP-7 B
compiler. But as John L. suggests, there's a good chance it was original
neither with Bell nor with Thompson.

Dennis Ritchie

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