Re: Availabile Fortran 90 implementations (Bernd Eggen)
Fri, 25 Mar 1994 15:21:19 GMT

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From: (Bernd Eggen)
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Keywords: Fortran, summary
Organization: University of Sussex
References: 94-03-114
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 1994 15:21:19 GMT

Robert Hill ( wrote:
: Is there a list of available Fortran 90 implementations anywhere please?

>From the Fortran 90 FAQ (by Michel Olagnon) + own ammendments:

    CRAY CF90 - presently, for Crays YMP and YMP-C90

    EPC Fortran 90 - for Sparc Solaris 1.X and 2.X, IBM RS/6000,
                                                      Intel 3/486 (SVR3&4, Solaris 2.x),
                                                      Motorola 88000/100/100 (SVR3&4)

    IBM XLF V3 - full compiler for RISC System/6000

    MicroWay - for DOS, OS/2, Unix

    NAG f90 - uses C as intermediate language

    Pacific Sierra VAST-90 - uses F77 as intermediate language

    Parasoft - uses F77 as intermediate language

    Salford FTN90 - PC implementation of NAG f90, direct
                                                      generation of object code.

Announced, foreseen, and rumours:

    NA Software full compiler for various platforms (parallel systems, PC
                            and Sun version) announced for summer 94

    CRAY full compiler CF90 in a Sparc version in 94
    DEC full compiler (1994)
    Sun full compiler (unofficially mid-94)
    MicroSoft after next release of present PowerStationFortran
    Lahey (2nd quarter 94,
                  pre-order, +400$ when buying F77L-EM/32)

Regards, Bernd Eggen.

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