Re: Is XNF2VERILOG still available ? (Pat Rankin)
Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:59:00 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.lang.verilog,comp.lang.vhdl,comp.compilers
From: (Pat Rankin)
Summary: ftp reference is obsolete
News-Software: VAX/VMS VNEWS 1.41x4
Keywords: FTP, tools, VHDL
Organization: California Institute of Technology
References: 94-03-056
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:59:00 GMT (Gerhard Roos) writes...
>[in the free compilers list, couldn't find this one]
> author: M J Colley <>
> how to get: ftp pub/dank/xnf2ver.tar.Z from

          Host "punisher" no longer exists, courtesy of the latest round of
cracker attacks. You can reach the same filesystem at,
but that file is not present in the pub/dank subdirectory. If you can't
contact the original author, you can at least reach Dan Kegel via email at

Pat Rankin,

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