Specification/Transformation Formalisms?

hugh@cs.kun.nl (Hugh Osborne)
Tue, 22 Mar 1994 12:35:20 GMT

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Specification/Transformation Formalisms? hugh@cs.kun.nl (1994-03-22)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: hugh@cs.kun.nl (Hugh Osborne)
Keywords: question, specification
Organization: University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 1994 12:35:20 GMT

--- Do you know of any formalisms/languages for the specification ---
--- and transformation of programmes? ---

We are investigating the possibility of installing a system to support
computer science students in their lab work for a "programming
methodology" course.

The course concentrates on transformational programming, and the lab work
consists largely of programme transformations, and in proving these
transformations correct.

This often involves repetetive rewriting of nearly identical programme
fragments. We are looking for a system to (partially) automate this
process. We are starting with a broad survey of related systems such as
CIP-S, Prospectra, KIDS, ...; and of other formalisms of a descriptive
nature that might be adapted/extended to meet out requirements, such as
computer algebra systems (Maple, Axiom, Mathematica, ...) and declarative
languages ([E]ML, Miranda, ...).

If you are aware of systems that may be relevant to our requirements, but
are not mentioned above, or if you have experience working with one of the
above systems and you feel that you could contribute to our investigation,
could you please let us know ---

by followup: set to comp.software-eng
by email: hugh@cs.kun.nl or will@cs.kun.nl
by mail: Hugh Osborne and Wil Lamain
                  Dept. of Informatics
                  Toernooiveld 1
                  University of Nijmegen
                  6525ED Nijmegen
                  The Netherlands
by 'phone: +31-(0)80-652103

We will be grateful for any assistance you may be able to give.
Hugh Osborne Dept. of Informatics
                                                                                    University of Nijmegen
                                                                                    The Netherlands

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